Who Is Griffin Johnson Dating

Who Is Griffin Johnson Dating?

Griffin Johnson, a well-known social media personality and member of the popular social group Sway House, has garnered significant attention and curiosity from fans about his dating life. With his charming personality and attractive looks, it’s no wonder people are interested in knowing who Griffin Johnson is dating. So, let’s delve into the details and find out more about Griffin Johnson’s current relationship status.

Is Griffin Johnson Single?

As of my latest research, Griffin Johnson is not single. He is currently dating Kelly Osbourne, a fellow influencer and social media personality. Kelly is also part of the TikTok community and their romance has been making waves across various social media platforms. Their relationship has captured the attention of their followers and sparked numerous discussions and debates among fans.

How Did Griffin Johnson and Kelly Osbourne Meet?

Griffin Johnson and Kelly Osbourne first met through their shared interests in social media and content creation. Both individuals gained popularity through their entertaining and creative videos on platforms like TikTok. Their mutual hobbies and connections within the influencer community paved the way for their paths to cross, leading to the blossoming of their unique relationship.

Who Is Kelly Osbourne?

Kelly Osbourne, born on October 27, 1984, is a British television personality, actress, and singer. She gained recognition through her appearances in the reality TV show “The Osbournes,” which followed the lives of her family members, including her father, Ozzy Osbourne. Kelly has since actively participated in various TV shows and music endeavors, while also building a significant presence on social media platforms, especially TikTok.

Are Griffin Johnson and Kelly Osbourne Public about Their Relationship?

Griffin Johnson and Kelly Osbourne have not shied away from showcasing their relationship in public. They often share adorable pictures, videos, and heartwarming moments on their respective social media accounts, giving their followers a glimpse into their romantic journey. This openness has allowed their fans to feel more connected and invested in their relationship, further amplifying the interest and curiosity surrounding their dating status.

How Has the Sway House Community Responded?

Griffin Johnson is a member of the prominent social group known as the Sway House. This close-knit community of TikTok creators, including Bryce Hall, Jaden Hossler, and Josh Richards, is known for their collaborations and supportive nature towards one another. The Sway House members have generally responded positively to Griffin Johnson’s new relationship with Kelly Osbourne. They have showcased their support and excitement, celebrating their friend’s happiness and success in finding love.


In conclusion, Griffin Johnson is currently dating Kelly Osbourne, a fellow influencer and social media personality. Their relationship has become the subject of much discussion and excitement among their followers. Both Griffin and Kelly have shared their love and affection for each other on social media, allowing fans to be a part of their romantic journey. With such a strong bond and connection, it will be interesting to see how their relationship progresses in the future.

It’s important to remember that relationships are personal, and while it’s natural to be curious about celebrities and their dating lives, respect and support for their choices and privacy is crucial. As fans, let’s continue to show love and admiration for Griffin Johnson and Kelly Osbourne, wishing them happiness and success both in their relationship and their individual endeavors.

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