How To Wear Hats With Dreads

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How To Wear Hats With Dreads

With their unique and beautiful locks, people with dreadlocks often wonder how to incorporate hats into their daily style. Whether you have just started your dreadlock journey or you’ve had them for a while, wearing a hat can add a touch of personality and flair to your look. In this article, we will explore various hat styles and provide tips on how to wear hats with dreads effortlessly.

Choosing the Right Hat Style

When it comes to wearing hats with dreads, the key is to choose a hat style that accommodates your hair volume and length. Here are some hat styles that work well with dreadlocks:

1. Slouchy Beanies: Slouchy beanies are perfect for individuals with longer dreadlocks as they provide ample space for the hair to comfortably fit inside. Look for beanies made from stretchy materials to accommodate the volume of your dreads while keeping your head warm during colder months.

2. Wide-Brim Hats: Wide-brim hats, such as fedoras or floppy hats, can give your dreads a stylish twist. Opt for hats with a wider brim to ensure enough room for your hair without squishing or flattening it. These hats are great for adding a touch of elegance to your outfits or for protecting your hair from the sun.

3. Berets: Berets are a classic hat style that can effortlessly complement your dreadlocks. Their soft and round shape allows for your dreads to flow naturally while adding a touch of sophistication and charm to your look. Choose berets made from breathable materials to avoid trapping moisture and minimize the risk of odors.

4. Snapback Caps: Snapback caps are a popular choice for those who prefer a sportier and casual style. Thanks to their adjustable straps, they can accommodate different hair volumes. Look for snapback caps with a higher crown to fit your dreads comfortably inside without compressing or squashing them.

Wearing a Hat with Dreads: Tips and Tricks

Now that you know which hat styles work well with dreadlocks, it’s time to explore some tips and tricks for wearing them effortlessly:

1. Preparing Your Dreads: Before wearing a hat, make sure your dreads are clean and well-maintained. Freshly washed and conditioned dreads are more likely to retain their shape and avoid unwanted odors. Consider using a residue-free dreadlock shampoo and light conditioner to keep your hair healthy and smelling great.

2. Loosening Your Dreads: Loosening your dreads slightly by gently pulling them apart can make it easier to wear hats. This technique allows your hair to occupy more space within the hat, preventing discomfort and unwanted pressure on your scalp.

3. Use a Satin or Silk Lining: If you’re concerned about your dreads becoming dry or frizzy due to rubbing against the hat’s fabric, consider wearing hats with satin or silk linings. These materials are gentler on your hair and can help retain moisture and minimize frizz.

4. Embrace the Volume: Dreadlocks naturally add volume to your hair, which can make hats fit differently compared to someone with straight hair. Embrace the added volume and make sure to choose hats that are slightly larger to accommodate your dreads comfortably.

5. Experiment with Hairstyles: Don’t be afraid to experiment with different hairstyles to complement your hat. You can pull your dreads back into a ponytail or bun, braid them, or leave them loose. Trying different hairstyles can help you find the perfect balance between showcasing your beautiful dreadlocks and creating a cohesive look with your hat.

Final Thoughts

Wearing hats with dreads doesn’t have to be a challenge. By choosing the right hat style, following simple tips and tricks, and embracing your hair’s volume, you can effortlessly incorporate hats into your daily style. Remember to keep your dreads clean and well-maintained, and don’t be afraid to experiment with different looks. So go ahead, rock your hats with confidence and showcase your unique personality alongside your beautiful dreadlocks.

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