How To Wash Rock Revival Jeans

How To Wash Rock Revival Jeans

How To Wash Rock Revival Jeans

Rock Revival Jeans are known for their stylish and high-quality denim. Whether you’ve recently purchased a pair or have been wearing them for a while, it’s important to properly care for these jeans to maintain their appearance and longevity. In this article, we will guide you through the steps on how to wash Rock Revival Jeans effectively.

1. Read the Care Label

Before washing your Rock Revival Jeans, always check the care label attached to the inside of the garment. The care label provides essential information about the specific washing instructions for your jeans. It will typically include details about the recommended water temperature, washing machine settings, and any special treatments to avoid.

By following the instructions on the care label, you can ensure that you’re washing your jeans in the most appropriate way to prevent any damage or color fading.

2. Pre-Treat Stains

Before washing your Rock Revival Jeans, take the time to pre-treat any stains. This step will help to remove dirt and grime effectively during the washing process, leaving your jeans looking fresh and clean.

To pre-treat stains, apply a small amount of laundry detergent or a specialized stain remover directly onto the stained area. Gently rub the detergent into the fabric using your fingers or a soft brush. Let the pre-treatment sit for a few minutes before proceeding to the next step.

3. Turn Jeans Inside Out

Prior to placing your Rock Revival Jeans into the washing machine, turn them inside out. This simple step helps to protect the outer surface of the jeans, preserving the color and reducing the risk of fading.

By turning your jeans inside out, you ensure that the washing machine’s agitation focuses on the inside of the garment, where the most dirt and sweat tend to accumulate.

4. Use Cold Water

When it comes to washing Rock Revival Jeans, it’s best to use cold water. Cold water is gentler on the fabric, helping to preserve its color and prevent any unnecessary shrinkage.

Avoid using hot water, as it can cause the denim to fade and may lead to the jeans fitting tighter than desired. If your jeans are heavily soiled, you can set the machine to a gentle cycle but maintain the cold water temperature.

5. Select a Mild Detergent

Choosing the right detergent is crucial for washing Rock Revival Jeans effectively. Opt for a mild detergent that is specifically formulated for delicate fabrics to avoid any potential damage to the denim.

Using a gentle detergent also helps to maintain the integrity of any embellishments or stitching on the jeans. Avoid using bleach or harsh chemicals, as they can cause discoloration or weaken the fabric over time.

6. Wash Separately

It’s recommended to wash your Rock Revival Jeans separately from other garments to prevent color bleeding. Jeans, especially new ones, have a higher chance of releasing dye during the first few washes.

By washing your jeans separately, you eliminate the risk of the dye transferring onto other items of clothing in the wash. This precautionary step will help to preserve the original colors of your Rock Revival Jeans.

7. Air Dry

When it comes to drying your Rock Revival Jeans, always choose air drying over using a dryer. Drying jeans in a machine dryer can cause them to shrink, fade, or lose their shape.

Hang your jeans upside down by the waistband or lay them flat on a clean, dry towel. Avoid direct sunlight, as it can lead to fading. Allow your jeans to air dry completely before wearing or storing them.


Rock Revival Jeans are an investment in both style and quality. By following these simple steps, you can ensure that your Rock Revival Jeans stay in great condition for as long as possible. Through proper care, washing, and drying, your jeans will continue to look fantastic and retain their distinct appeal, making you feel confident and stylish every time you wear them.

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