How To Use Nhentai Codes


If you are a manga enthusiast, chances are you have heard about, one of the most popular websites for hentai manga. While browsing through the vast collection of adult comics, you may have come across references to “Nhentai codes.” In this article, we will delve into what these codes are, how to use them, and how they can enhance your experience on So let’s unlock the secrets of nhentai codes together!

Understanding Nhentai Codes

Nhentai codes are alphanumeric strings that represent specific categories or tags assigned to hentai manga on These codes are often used to filter and search for content based on preferences or specific themes. Every manga on is tagged with a set of codes for easier organization and browsing, and utilizing these codes can help you find the content you enjoy more efficiently.

For example, let’s say you are interested in reading manga featuring a particular character or fetish. By searching for the corresponding nhentai code, you can quickly discover a whole collection of manga that matches your preferences.

How to Find Nhentai Codes

Finding nhentai codes is a straightforward process. When you visit, you will notice a search bar at the top of the page. You can simply type in keywords relevant to your interests, such as a character name, genre, or specific kink. Nhentai will display a list of results based on your query.

Now, let’s say you want to explore manga with a specific tag, such as “big breasts.” In the search bar, you can input “tag: big breasts” (without the quotation marks). Nhentai will then provide you with a list of manga that perfectly fit your interests.

By experimenting with different tags, you can dive deeper into the vast collection of to discover hidden gems tailored to your preferences.

Using Nhentai Codes for Advanced Search

Nhentai codes extend beyond simple tags. You can combine different codes to create more complex searches and refine your results further. Below, we discuss how to use nhentai codes for advanced search on

Specific Artists

If you have a favorite artist or want to explore a specific artist’s works, nhentai codes can help you with that. Simply search for the artist’s name preceded by the “artist:” tag. For example, “artist: yamada gogogo” will display all manga created by the artist Yamada Gogogo.

Character Tags

If you have a particular character in mind, nhentai codes can help you discover manga centered around them. Searching for specific characters follows a similar pattern to artist tags. Just use the “character:” tag followed by the character’s name. For instance, “character: asuna” will present you with manga featuring Asuna from Sword Art Online.

Mixing and Merging Tags

One of the exciting aspects of nhentai codes is the ability to mix and merge different tags to find extremely specific content. For example, if you’re interested in manga with both “big breasts” and “schoolgirl” themes, you can combine the corresponding nhentai codes: “tag:big breasts+tag:schoolgirl.” By using the “+” symbol, you can search for manga that include both tags simultaneously.

Additionally, you can exclude tags from your search results by using the “-” symbol. For example, searching for “tag:big breasts -tag:cheating” will filter out any manga that includes both the “big breasts” and “cheating” tags.


Navigating through the countless options of hentai manga can be overwhelming, but with nhentai codes, you can easily find the content that caters to your interests. By understanding how to use nhentai codes, you can unlock a wealth of hentai manga that aligns perfectly with your preferences. So, take advantage of these codes and explore the exciting world of like never before!

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