How To Use Ancient Tome Rlcraft

How To Use Ancient Tome Rlcraft – A Comprehensive Guide

How To Use Ancient Tome Rlcraft – A Comprehensive Guide


RLCraft is a popular modpack for Minecraft that offers an intense and challenging survival experience. One of its unique features is the Ancient Tome, a powerful tool that grants you access to a wide range of abilities and knowledge. In this guide, we will walk you through the process of using the Ancient Tome effectively in RLCraft.

Obtaining an Ancient Tome

The first step is to obtain an Ancient Tome. Fortunately, they can be found quite commonly in dungeon chests scattered around your world. Exploring underground structures such as dungeons and mineshafts can increase your chances of discovering one.

Another way to acquire an Ancient Tome is by defeating powerful creatures called Beholders. These formidable foes can be found in certain dimensions or summoned by performing specific rituals. Defeating a Beholder has a chance of rewarding you with an Ancient Tome.

Unlocking the Ancient Tome

Once you have obtained an Ancient Tome, the next step is to unlock its potential. Right-clicking while holding the Ancient Tome will open the Tome’s interface. In this interface, you will see a variety of different icons representing different skills and abilities.

Each icon corresponds to a specific skill or ability that you can unlock. To acquire a skill, you need to earn Skill Experience (XP) points. These points can be gained by performing various actions related to the specific skill. For example, creating a new item will grant you XP towards the Crafting skill.

Clicking on an icon will display information about that skill or ability, including its requirements and benefits. To unlock a skill, you must meet its requirements. These requirements can range from having a certain level in another skill to obtaining specific items or materials.

Investing Skill XP into a skill will increase your proficiency in that area, allowing you to perform related tasks more efficiently. Some skills also unlock new crafting recipes or grant passive bonuses to your character.

Using Unlocked Abilities

Once you have acquired and invested enough Skill XP into a skill, you will be able to use its associated abilities. To access your unlocked abilities, simply right-click while holding the Ancient Tome to open its interface. From there, you can click on the icon representing the skill you wish to utilize.

For example, if you have unlocked the skill “Fire Resistance,” clicking on its icon will activate the ability, granting you temporary immunity to fire and lava damage. Other abilities may enhance your attack strength, improve your mining speed, or allow you to heal rapidly.

Managing Skill XP

Managing Skill XP effectively is crucial to maximize the potential of your Ancient Tome. Here are a few tips to help you make the most of your Skill XP:

  • Focus on skills that align with your playstyle or immediate needs. Prioritizing skills that benefit your chosen playstyle will enhance your survival chances in RLCraft.
  • Perform related tasks to earn Skill XP efficiently. For example, mining ores will increase your Mining skill, while fighting mobs will develop your Combat skill.
  • Do not spread your Skill XP too thinly. It is better to invest heavily in a few skills rather than only gaining a couple of levels in multiple skills. Specializing in a specific area will provide stronger bonuses and advantages.


The Ancient Tome in RLCraft is a powerful tool that can greatly enhance your survival experience. Obtaining and unlocking its skills and abilities requires effort and dedication, but the rewards are well worth it. By investing Skill XP wisely and utilizing your unlocked abilities effectively, you will be able to overcome the challenges that await you in RLCraft.

Now go forth, adventurer, and may the power of the Ancient Tome guide you towards ultimate victory!

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