How To Use A Franking Machine

How To Use A Franking Machine

A franking machine is a valuable tool for any business that sends out a large volume of mail. It simplifies the mailing process by allowing you to print postage labels directly onto your envelopes or labels. This not only saves you time but also ensures that you pay the correct amount for postage. In this article, we will guide you through the steps of using a franking machine effectively.

Step 1: Set up your franking machine

Before you can start using your franking machine, you need to set it up correctly. This involves connecting it to a power source and the internet if necessary. Make sure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully to avoid any issues. Once your machine is set up, you will need to have a postage account with your postal service provider.

Step 2: Top up your postage account

To use a franking machine, you need to ensure that your postage account has sufficient funds. Contact your postal service provider to learn how to top up your account. It is usually done online or over the phone. Keep in mind that some providers may require you to top up a minimum amount to access the service.

Step 3: Prepare your mail

Before you can start franking, you need to prepare your mail. Ensure that your envelopes or labels are ready with the correct recipients’ addresses. You should also organize your mail by size and weight as franking machines calculate postage based on these factors.

Step 4: Weigh your mail

Most franking machines have built-in scales to weigh your mail accurately. Place your item on the scale and wait for the machine to display the weight. Make sure the weight is correct and matches with the postal service’s requirements to avoid any issues during delivery.

Step 5: Select the correct postage

Once your mail is weighed, select the appropriate postage category on your franking machine. This usually includes options like first class, second class, special delivery, or international postage. Ensure that you choose the correct category to ensure that your mail is delivered on time and at the right cost.

Step 6: Print your franked labels

Now comes the exciting part – printing your franked labels. Simply press the print button on your franking machine, and it will generate the postage labels with the correct value. Check the labels to ensure they are clear and legible. If your franking machine offers additional features, such as promotional messages or company logos, you can include them on your labels.

Step 7: Affix the labels and post your mail

After printing your franked labels, carefully affix them to your envelopes or labels. Make sure they are securely attached to avoid any issues during the mailing process. Once your mail is ready, take it to your local post office or the designated drop-off point for collection. Ensure that you follow your postal service’s guidelines for posting franked mail.

Step 8: Keep track of your postage expenditure

To effectively manage your postage expenses, it is essential to keep track of your usage. Most franking machines offer built-in reporting features that allow you to monitor and analyze your postage expenditure. Regularly review these reports to ensure you’re using the correct postage categories and identify any potential areas for cost savings.


Using a franking machine can streamline your mailing process and help your business save time and money on postage. By following these steps, you can ensure that you use a franking machine correctly and maximize its benefits. Remember to always comply with your postal service’s regulations and guidelines to avoid any issues with your mail delivery.

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