How To Turn Off Ravin Lighted Nocks

How to Turn Off Ravin Lighted Nocks

Ravin Lighted Nocks are an invaluable tool for archers, providing enhanced visibility and accuracy. These ingenious nocks illuminate upon shooting, making it easier to track your arrow’s flight path and locate your shot. However, there may be occasions when you want to turn off the lighted nocks, such as when practicing without wasting battery or when hunting sensitive game that may be spooked by the light. In this guide, we will walk you through simple steps to disable the Ravin Lighted Nocks and conserve battery power without damaging the nocks themselves.

Step 1: Removing the Nock

To begin the process, it is necessary to remove the Ravin Lighted Nock from your arrow shaft. Locate the small hole near the back of the nock, which houses the battery compartment. Using a small Phillips screwdriver or a similar tool, carefully unscrew the battery cap counterclockwise. This will expose the battery and circuitry within the nock.

Step 2: Disabling the Nock

Inside the battery compartment, you will find a small jumper wire that connects the battery terminal to the circuitry. The nock is activated when this wire makes contact with the battery. To disable the nock, use your tool to gently lift the jumper wire away from the battery, breaking the connection. Once the wire is lifted, you can be confident that the lighted nock will remain turned off until reconnected.

Step 3: Reassembling the Nock

With the jumper wire lifted, carefully place the battery cap back onto the nock, ensuring it is securely tightened by turning it clockwise. Make sure not to overtighten the screw, as it may damage the nock or the threading inside. Once reassembled, check that the nock is functioning correctly by tapping it lightly. If the light does not illuminate, the nock has been successfully disabled.

Step 4: Alternative Method

An alternate method to disable the Ravin Lighted Nocks involves removing the battery altogether. Follow Step 1 to remove the battery cap and access the battery. Using a small pair of tweezers or pliers, gently grip the battery and carefully lift it out of the compartment. Ensure your grip is gentle to avoid damaging the battery or other components. Once the battery is removed, replace the battery cap and tighten it securely. By removing the power source, the nock will no longer be able to illuminate when shot.

Step 5: Reversing the Process

If you wish to re-enable the Ravin Lighted Nocks, simply reverse the process by reinserting the jumper wire back into place (Step 2) or replacing the battery (Step 4), depending on the method used. After connecting the wire or inserting the battery, proceed with Step 3 to reassemble the nock securely.


Knowing how to turn off Ravin Lighted Nocks can be advantageous in certain situations. By following these simple steps, you can easily disable the illumination feature to conserve battery power or accommodate specific hunting scenarios. Remember to handle the nocks and the components delicately to prevent accidental damage. With this newfound knowledge, you can confidently control the lighting function of your Ravin Lighted Nocks and fully optimize their use based on your individual needs.

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