How To Throw Grenade Fallout 4

How To Throw Grenade Fallout 4


Throwing grenades can be a powerful and tactical move in the post-apocalyptic world of Fallout 4. Whether you want to clear a room of enemies or just cause chaos, knowing how to throw grenades effectively is crucial. In this article, we will guide you through the steps of throwing grenades in Fallout 4 and provide you with some useful tips to maximize their impact.

Step 1: Equip the Grenade

The first step to throwing a grenade in Fallout 4 is to have one in your inventory. Grenades can be found in various locations throughout the game world or purchased from vendors. Once you have a grenade, open your Pip-Boy menu and navigate to the “Items” tab. Find the grenade in your inventory and select it to equip it.

Step 2: Aim

Once you have the grenade equipped, it’s time to aim. By default, the key or button to throw a grenade is the same as your standard attack button. On most platforms, this is the right mouse button (RMB) for PC, or the right trigger for consoles. Hold down the aim button to enter the throwing mode.

Step 3: Adjust the Arc

While in throwing mode, you can adjust the trajectory of your throw. Use the mouse or thumbstick to adjust the arc of the throw. This allows you to throw grenades over cover or accurately into specific areas. Experiment with different arc angles to fine-tune your throws for maximum effectiveness.

Step 4: Release the Aim Button

Once you have your aim set and the arc adjusted, it’s time to release the aim button to throw the grenade. Keep in mind that grenades have a default timer before they explode, so make sure to time your throws correctly for the desired effect. You can also cook grenades by holding the aim button for a short period before releasing it. Cooking grenades allows you to reduce the time between throwing and detonation, catching enemies off guard.

Tips for Throwing Grenades

1. Plan Ahead

Before throwing a grenade, assess the situation and plan your strategy. Identify where enemies are positioned and plan your throws accordingly. You can use grenades to flush enemies out of cover or even take out several enemies at once with a well-placed explosion.

2. Use the VATS (Vault-Tec Assisted Targeting System)

Utilizing the VATS can significantly improve your accuracy when throwing grenades. Activate the VATS by pressing the designated button (usually “Q” on PC or the left bumper on consoles). VATS slows down time, allowing you to carefully select your target and adjust the arc of your throw. This can be especially useful when throwing grenades at long distances or when enemies are in motion.

3. Be Cautious of Close Proximity

Always be cautious when throwing grenades in close quarters or indoor environments. Grenades can bounce off walls or objects, potentially coming right back at you. Make sure to give yourself an appropriate distance from the blast zone to avoid taking damage.

4. Pick the Right Grenade for the Job

Fallout 4 offers a variety of grenades with different effects. Frag grenades are the most common and explode upon impact, dealing damage to anything in the blast radius. Molotov cocktails create a fiery area of effect, causing damage over time. Pulse grenades are particularly effective against robots and power armor, while cryo grenades freeze enemies in place. Choose the right grenade for the situation to maximize your impact.

5. Take Cover After Throwing

After throwing a grenade, quickly seek cover to protect yourself from potential retaliation. Enemies will often scatter or attempt to find cover themselves after seeing or hearing a grenade. Use this opportunity to reposition yourself and prepare for the next encounter.


Mastering the art of throwing grenades in Fallout 4 can give you a significant advantage in combat. By following these steps and utilizing our tips, you’ll become a formidable force, causing chaos and destruction wherever you go. Remember to always plan ahead, choose the right grenade for the job, and be cautious of your surroundings. With practice, you’ll become a skilled grenadier in the wasteland.

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