How To Tell If Mystery Snail Eggs Are Fertile

How To Tell If Mystery Snail Eggs Are Fertile

How To Tell If Mystery Snail Eggs Are Fertile

Keeping mystery snails as pets is a fascinating experience. These unique creatures are known for their appealing appearance and helpful role in maintaining a balanced aquarium ecosystem. One of the most exciting aspects of owning mystery snails is the possibility of them reproducing and laying eggs. However, it can be quite challenging to determine if the eggs are fertile or not. In this article, we will discuss various methods you can use to determine the fertility of mystery snail eggs.

Egg Anatomy

Before diving into the details of identifying fertile mystery snail eggs, it’s crucial to understand their anatomy. Mystery snail eggs are typically tiny, round, and translucent in appearance. They are usually attached to hard surfaces such as aquarium glass, decorations, or plant leaves. Mystery snails are known for laying their eggs above the waterline to prevent them from drowning. These eggs are protected by a semi-transparent gelatinous layer that acts as a shield from external threats.

Monitoring Egg Development

The first step in determining the fertility of mystery snail eggs is closely monitoring their development. After egg-laying, it usually takes around 10 to 14 days for the eggs to hatch. During this period, keep a close eye on the eggs, observing any changes that may occur.

If the eggs start turning an opaque, milky white color, it indicates that the eggs are likely infertile or won’t hatch successfully. On the other hand, if the eggs remain translucent and show no signs of discoloration, chances are they are fertile and developing properly.

Embryo Formation

Another effective method to determine the fertility of mystery snail eggs is by checking for the formation of embryos. As the eggs develop and progress towards hatching, tiny white dots or specks will begin to appear inside the translucent eggs. These white specks are the growing embryos, which confirm the fertility of the eggs.

Regularly inspect the eggs, preferably using a magnifying glass, to identify any signs of embryo formation. If you notice the presence of these white specks moving inside the eggs, congratulations, you have fertile mystery snail eggs!

Snail Hatchlings

The ultimate confirmation of egg fertility is the emergence of tiny snails, known as hatchlings. Once the eggs have reached their maturity and are ready to hatch, you will observe small snails beginning to break free from the egg sac. The hatchlings will gradually make their way to the water, commencing their life cycle as independent snails.

If you notice tiny snails emerging from the eggs, it is evident that the eggs were indeed fertile. Ensure that you provide appropriate care and a suitable environment for the newborns to thrive and grow.

False Indications

While the above methods generally provide reliable indicators of egg fertility, it’s essential to be aware of some false indications that may lead to confusion. Occasionally, mystery snail eggs may appear to be opaque or white in color due to fungus or mold growth rather than being infertile. In such cases, it’s advisable to remove any discolored eggs to prevent the spread of infection to healthy eggs or adult snails.

Additionally, eggs may fail to hatch even if they are fertile due to unfavorable water conditions or other stressors. Monitoring and maintaining optimal water parameters and providing a well-balanced diet for your mystery snails increase the chances of successful hatching.


Determining the fertility of mystery snail eggs can be an exciting yet challenging task for aquarium hobbyists. By carefully observing the development of the eggs, checking for embryo formation, and ultimately witnessing the emergence of snail hatchlings, you can confidently determine if your mystery snail eggs are fertile.

Remember, it’s crucial to provide proper care and attention to both the eggs and adult snails to ensure a healthy and thriving snail population in your aquarium. With patience and the right knowledge, you can enjoy the wonders of hatching mystery snail eggs in your own underwater world!

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