How To Tame A Dragon In Rlcraft

How to Tame a Dragon in RLcraft

Dragons, the majestic and powerful creatures of myth and legend, have captured the human imagination for centuries. While the prospect of taming a dragon may seem like something only found in the realm of fantasy, the RLcraft mod introduces a unique, challenging, and exciting opportunity for players to form a bond with these magnificent beasts. In this article, we will guide you through the steps to successfully tame a dragon in RLcraft.

Understanding RLcraft

RLcraft is a popular Minecraft mod pack that introduces a plethora of realistic and challenging features to the game. From enhanced AI to punishing survival mechanics, RLcraft provides an immersive experience for players seeking a more hardcore gameplay style. One of the key highlights of RLcraft is the ability to tame and ride dragons, allowing players to soar through the skies on these mythical creatures.

Gearing Up

Before attempting to tame a dragon, it is crucial to prepare yourself adequately. RLcraft is known for its difficulty, and embarking on such a daunting task without proper gear and supplies is a recipe for disaster. Start by equipping yourself with the best armor you can craft or find. Dragonsteel or diamond armor is recommended, as these materials offer excellent protection against the formidable attacks of the dragons.

Locating a Dragon

Once you are fully geared up, the next step is to hunt down a dragon. Dragons can be found in specific biomes such as deserts, extreme hills, and other hot and dry environments. They are generally depicted as enormous winged creatures with scales and sharp teeth. Keep in mind that dragons are incredibly powerful and can pose a significant threat. Approach them with caution and be prepared to engage in combat if necessary.

Bonding Through Trust

Building a trusting relationship with a dragon is essential before attempting to tame it. To establish this trust, you need to feed the dragon. Dragons have specific dietary preferences, depending on their type. For example, Ice and Lightning dragons prefer raw fish, while Fire dragons require raw meat. Experiment with different foods until you find the one that the dragon prefers. Offer the food to the dragon slowly and within a safe distance, as sudden movements may startle it.

Taming the Dragon

Once the dragon has begun to trust you, it’s time to take the taming process to the next level. Approach the dragon slowly and carefully, keeping in mind that any aggressive actions may lead to a deadly attack. While facing the dragon, press the interaction key (usually the right mouse button) to mount it. A successful attempt will result in the dragon allowing you to ride on its back.

Caring for your Dragon

Congratulations! You have successfully tamed a dragon in RLcraft. However, the journey doesn’t end here. Dragons require care and attention to ensure their well-being. Keep in mind that dragons have varying elemental breath attacks, and they will unleash these powerful abilities when provoked or threatened. Additionally, dragons need to be well-fed to maintain their loyalty to you. Regularly provide their preferred food to keep them happy and satisfied.

Further Enhancements

Once you’ve tamed your first dragon, you may find the desire to expand your collection. RLcraft offers a variety of dragon types, each with its unique characteristics and abilities. By repeating the steps outlined above, you can successfully tame multiple dragons and create a formidable army to aid you in your adventures.


Taming a dragon in RLcraft is an exhilarating and rewarding experience. From the careful preparation to developing a bond of trust, the process allows players to interact with these mythical creatures on a whole new level. Remember to equip yourself properly, locate a dragon, build trust through feeding, and finally, mount and tame your dragon. With patience, perseverance, and a willing heart, you too can become a dragon rider and soar through the skies of RLcraft.

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