How To Switch Stance Ufc 4

How to Switch Stance in UFC 4


UFC 4 is an electrifying MMA fighting game that offers players the opportunity to step into the virtual Octagon and experience the thrill of mixed martial arts. One of the fundamental skills in the game is mastering stance switching, which allows you to adapt to different fighting styles, create openings, and launch devastating attacks. In this article, we will guide you through the process of switching stances in UFC 4, providing you with the knowledge needed to dominate your opponents.

Understanding Stances

Before we delve into the mechanics of switching stances in UFC 4, it’s crucial to understand the concept of stances. In the game, fighters have three basic stances: orthodox, southpaw, and open stance.

The orthodox stance is the traditional right-handed stance, with your left foot forward and right foot back. The southpaw stance is the opposite, with your right foot forward and left foot back. Finally, the open stance occurs when fighters of different stances face off against each other.

Switching Stances on Consoles

If you’re playing UFC 4 on consoles like PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, switching stances is relatively straightforward. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Hold down the L2 or LT button on your controller. This button is usually used for blocking but serves as the stance switch modifier.
  2. While holding down the modifier button, use the right stick (R3) to push it left or right.
  3. The direction you push the right stick determines the stance you switch to. Pushing it left switches to southpaw, and pushing it right switches to orthodox.

By combining the modifier button and the right stick, you can effortlessly switch stances at any point during a fight. However, be aware that switching stances takes time, leaving you vulnerable to attacks. Therefore, it’s crucial to choose the right moment to switch, such as after a block or a significant strike.

Switching Stances on PC

If you prefer playing UFC 4 on your computer, the process of switching stances is slightly different. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Hold down the Z key on your keyboard. Similarly to consoles, this key serves as the stance switch modifier.
  2. While holding down the Z key, use the left mouse button to click the “left” or “right” cursor on the screen.
  3. The direction you click determines the stance you switch to. Clicking “left” switches to southpaw, and clicking “right” switches to orthodox.

Just like on consoles, switching stances on PC takes time, so it’s vital to pick the right moment to execute the switch safely. Timing is key to avoid getting caught off guard by your opponent’s attacks.

Advanced Tips for Stance Switching

Now that you know the basics of switching stances in UFC 4, let’s explore some advanced tips to improve your technique:

1. Be mindful of stamina: Switching stances consumes stamina, so avoid excessive switching as it can leave you fatigued and vulnerable.

2. Practice stance-specific moves: Each stance offers unique strikes and combinations. Spend time training with different fighters and mastering their stance-specific moves to diversify your MMA arsenal.

3. Capitalize on momentum: When switching stances, try to do it during moments when you have the momentum in the fight—after landing a significant strike or when your opponent is on the defensive.

4. Use stance switches for feints: Stance switching can be used as a deceptive technique to confuse your opponent, setting up different strikes or takedowns. Experiment with feints and mix up your stance switches to keep your adversary guessing.

5. Anticipate your opponent’s reaction: Skilled opponents may try to counter your stance switch with a well-timed attack. Be prepared for these counters and practice your defensive maneuvers to adapt accordingly.


Mastering stance switching is a key skill in UFC 4, allowing you to adapt your fighting style, surprise your opponents, and gain the upper hand in the Octagon. Whether you’re playing on consoles or PC, learning the mechanics and timing of switching stances is essential for any UFC 4 fighter. So, go ahead and step into the virtual Octagon, practice your stance switches, and unleash your fierce fighting abilities!

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