How To Summon The Torch God

How To Summon The Torch God

Summoning the Torch God in Terraria can be an exciting and rewarding experience. This unique and powerful boss provides players with a valuable item called the “Torch God’s Favor,” which enhances the appearance and functionality of torches in the game. In this article, we will guide you through the process of summoning the Torch God step by step, so you can enhance your Terraria world with this mystical encounter.

Gathering the Required Items

Before you can summon the Torch God, you will need to gather a few essential items. These include:

1. At least 100 torches: The more torches you have, the longer the event will last.
2. A Bug Net: You can purchase this from the Merchant NPC in Terraria.
3. Platinum or Gold Watch: These watches can be crafted at a Tinkerer’s Workshop using 10 gold or platinum bars, respectively.
4. Any Crafting Station: You will need a crafting station to craft and assemble certain items.

Preparing your Terraria World

To avoid any potential interference during the summoning process, it is recommended to create a secluded area where you can safely perform the ritual. Start by selecting a location away from other NPCs, enemies, and crucial structures. Clear the surroundings, allowing enough space for the event to unfold smoothly.

Performing the Ritual

Now that you have gathered the necessary items and prepared your Terraria world, it’s time to begin the ritual to summon the Torch God. Follow these steps carefully:

1. Place torches: Start by placing at least 100 torches in a single stack in your inventory.
2. Activate the Trick or Treat mode: Open the game menu and change the “Auto-Pause” setting to “Off.” This allows the event to start immediately.
3. Search for the Torch God icon: Once you have disabled Auto-Pause mode, you should see a small icon in the bottom left corner of your screen. It indicates that the Torch God event is active. Click on the icon to start the event.
4. Defend your torches: As the event begins, fireflies will spawn near your placed torches. The Torch God will try to extinguish these torches, and it’s your goal to protect them. Use your Bug Net to catch the fireflies before the Torch God can reach and destroy your torches.
5. Survive the waves: The Torch God event consists of several waves, each increasing in difficulty. You will face various enemies trying to extinguish your torches as the waves progress. Defend your torches by eliminating the enemies and protecting the flame.
6. Achieving success: Once you survive all the waves and protect your torches until the end, you will successfully summon and defeat the Torch God. Prepare for a grand explosion of light, accompanied by the appearance of the Torch God itself.
7. Collect the rewards: After defeating the Torch God, collect the dropped items, including the Torch God’s Favor. This powerful item will enhance the appearance and brightness of torches placed in your Terraria world.

Using the Torch God’s Favor

Now that you have obtained the Torch God’s Favor, you can utilize its power to enhance your Terraria gameplay. Apply the Torch God’s Favor in your inventory to activate its effects. The enhanced torches will emit a brighter light and project particles, creating a mesmerizing visual experience.


The Torch God is a magnificent boss in Terraria, and summoning it can be a thrilling adventure. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you will be able to successfully summon the Torch God and acquire its powerful reward, the Torch God’s Favor. Enjoy the enhanced appearance and functionality of torches as you explore and conquer the vast world of Terraria with this newfound power.

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