How To Set The Clock On A Frigidaire Microwave


Setting the clock on your Frigidaire microwave is a simple and straightforward process. Whether you’ve just purchased a new microwave or accidentally reset the clock, we’re here to guide you through the steps. In this article, we will provide you with easy-to-understand instructions on how to set the clock on your Frigidaire microwave to ensure accurate timekeeping for all your culinary adventures.

Step-by-Step Guide to Set the Clock on a Frigidaire Microwave

Step 1: Check the Power

Before starting the clock setting process, ensure that your Frigidaire microwave is connected to a power source. Check if the power cord is properly plugged into a working electrical outlet.

Step 2: Locate the Control Panel

Next, find the control panel on your Frigidaire microwave. Usually, it is located on the front of the appliance, toward the right-hand side. The control panel consists of various buttons and a digital display.

Step 3: Locate the Clock Button

Look for the “Clock” button on the control panel of your Frigidaire microwave. It is usually labeled and easily identifiable. Once you’ve located the button, get ready to move on to the next step.

Step 4: Press the Clock Button

Now, press the “Clock” button on your Frigidaire microwave once. By doing so, you will initiate the clock setting mode and enter into the time-setting menu. The digital display on the control panel will start flashing or show a prompt indicating that it is ready for clock adjustment.

Step 5: Set the Hour

Following the flashing prompt, use the number keypad on your Frigidaire microwave to enter the correct hour of the day. Make sure to enter the hour accurately to ensure the clock displays the correct time. For example, if it is currently 3 PM, enter “15” using the number keypad. Take note of whether your microwave uses a 12-hour or 24-hour format and adjust accordingly.

Step 6: Set the Minutes

After setting the hour, use the number keypad to set the minutes on your Frigidaire microwave clock. If it is currently 3:20 PM, enter “20” using the number keypad. Make sure to enter the correct minutes to ensure accurate timekeeping.

Step 7: Confirm the Time

Once you have entered the desired time, double-check the numbers displayed on the digital display of your Frigidaire microwave. Ensure that the hour and minutes are correct and reflect the current time.

Step 8: Save the Settings

To save the clock settings on your Frigidaire microwave, press the “Clock” button again or look for a “Start” or “OK” button on the control panel. Pressing this button will confirm the entered time and save it as the clock settings on your microwave.

Step 9: Verify the Clock

After saving the clock settings, check if the digital display on your Frigidaire microwave now shows the correct time. If the time is accurately displayed, congratulations! You have successfully set the clock on your Frigidaire microwave.


Setting the clock on a Frigidaire microwave is a quick and uncomplicated process. With the simple steps outlined in this article, you can easily adjust the time display to ensure accurate clock settings. Remember to double-check the entered time before confirming and saving the settings. Now that you’ve successfully set the clock, you can use your Frigidaire microwave with confidence, always having the correct time at hand for your cooking needs.

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