How To Reset Belling Oven After Power Cut

How to Reset a Belling Oven After a Power Cut

Power cuts can sometimes occur unexpectedly, leaving you in a bind when it comes to kitchen appliances. Belling ovens are reliable and efficient appliances known for their quality, but just like any other electrical device, they can be affected by sudden power outages. If you find yourself in a situation where your Belling oven needs to be reset after a power cut, follow these simple steps to get it up and running again.

Step 1: Safety First

Before attempting any troubleshooting or resetting procedures, it’s important to prioritize your safety. Make sure the oven is switched off and unplugged from the power source. Allow it to cool down if you had been using it prior to the power cut. Safety is paramount when dealing with electrical appliances, so take precautions and avoid any unnecessary risks.

Step 2: Inspect the Circuit Breaker

After ensuring your safety, the next step is to inspect the circuit breaker. Start by locating your home’s main electrical panel, which is usually found in the basement, garage, or utility room. Open the panel to reveal the circuit breakers. Look for any tripped breakers – these will be switches that are not aligned with the others, usually positioned between the “ON” and “OFF” positions.

Step 3: Reset the Tripped Breaker

To reset a tripped breaker, firmly push it to the “OFF” position and then back to the “ON” position. If you are unsure which breaker corresponds to your Belling oven, check the labeling or consult the circuit breaker diagram provided by the manufacturer. Once the breaker has been reset, give it a few moments to stabilize.

Step 4: Reconnect the Oven

After resetting the tripped breaker, reconnect the Belling oven to the power source. Plug it back into the electrical outlet or, if it was hardwired into the circuit, turn the power on at the main switch. Ensure the oven is securely connected and that there are no loose cables or wires.

Step 5: Check the Oven Display

Once the oven is reconnected to the power supply, check the control panel display. Depending on the model of your Belling oven, the display may show an error code, time, or it may be blank. Familiarize yourself with the oven’s user manual to understand the meaning of any error codes or indicators.

Step 6: Reset the Oven Clock

If the display is blank or showing the incorrect time, it’s necessary to reset the oven clock. Locate the clock or timer button on the oven control panel and press it. Some models may require you to hold the button for a few seconds. Use the keypad or buttons to adjust the time until it is accurate according to your requirement. Refer to the user manual for specific instructions based on your Belling oven model.

Step 7: Test the Oven

After resetting the clock, it’s time to test the oven functionality. Choose a simple setting, such as “Bake” or “Preheat,” and set the desired temperature. Wait for a few moments to allow the oven to warm up. Check if the oven is heating up properly and if the desired temperature is reached.

Step 8: Contact Customer Support

If you have followed all the steps above and your Belling oven is still not functioning correctly or producing the desired results, it may be necessary to contact customer support. Refer to the user manual or visit Belling’s official website to find their customer support contact details. Trained professionals will be able to guide you further and provide expert assistance based on your specific situation.


Power cuts can be inconvenient, but knowing how to reset your Belling oven afterwards can help you quickly get back to cooking your favorite meals. By following these steps and ensuring your safety throughout the process, you’ll be able to reset your oven and resume your culinary adventures without any further difficulties. Remember to always consult your oven’s user manual for model-specific instructions and to reach out to customer support if needed.

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