How To Register A Trailer Without A Vin Number Qld

How to Register a Trailer Without a VIN Number in QLD

Registering a trailer can be a complex process, especially if it doesn’t have a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). In Queensland (QLD), the VIN serves as a unique identifier for vehicles, making it easier to track ownership and maintenance records. However, if your trailer doesn’t have a VIN, there are still steps you can take to register it legally and safely. In this article, we will guide you through the process of registering a trailer without a VIN number in QLD.

1. Obtain a Statement of Compliance

The first step in registering a trailer without a VIN number in QLD is to obtain a Statement of Compliance. This document confirms that your trailer complies with all relevant safety and construction standards. To get a Statement of Compliance, you will need to engage a licensed vehicle examiner. They will inspect your trailer and provide you with the necessary document if it meets the required standards.

2. Apply for a Vehicle Identification Number

Since your trailer doesn’t have a VIN number, you’ll need to apply for a unique identification number called a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) from the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads. The VIN application form can be downloaded from their website or obtained in person from a Queensland Transport and Main Roads Customer Service Centre.

You will have to provide detailed information about your trailer in the application form, including its make, model, year, and dimensions. Along with the application, you need to submit the Statement of Compliance obtained in the previous step. It is important to fill out the form accurately and completely to avoid delays in the process.

3. Payment of Fees and Inspections

After submitting your VIN application, you will need to pay the applicable fees. The fee schedule can be found on the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads website or obtained from a Customer Service Centre. Once the fees are paid, you will receive the vehicle identification number for your trailer.

Before your trailer can be registered, it is mandatory to obtain a Safety Certificate. A Safety Certificate ensures that your trailer complies with Queensland’s safety standards. A licensed vehicle examiner will inspect your trailer and issue a certificate if it meets all the requirements. The Safety Certificate is generally valid for two months, so make sure to complete the registration process within this timeframe.

4. Visit a Customer Service Centre

With your Statement of Compliance, VIN number, and Safety Certificate in hand, it’s time to visit a Queensland Transport and Main Roads Customer Service Centre to complete the registration process. At the centre, you will be required to provide identification documents such as your driver’s license and proof of ownership for the trailer.

The customer service staff will verify your documents, assess the registration fees based on your trailer’s specifications, and provide you with the necessary registration documents.

5. Display the Registration Label

After completing the registration process, you will be issued a registration label for your trailer. The registration label must be securely affixed to your trailer as it provides important information such as the registration number, expiry date, and registration period.

It’s crucial to ensure that the registration label is clearly visible and not obstructed by any objects. Failing to display the label properly can result in penalties or fines from law enforcement authorities.


Registering a trailer without a VIN number in QLD may require some extra effort, but it is certainly possible. By following the steps outlined in this article, including obtaining a Statement of Compliance, applying for a Vehicle Identification Number, paying the necessary fees, obtaining a Safety Certificate, and visiting a Customer Service Centre, you can successfully register your trailer and enjoy hassle-free travels on Queensland roads.

If you encounter any difficulties during the registration process or have further questions, it is advisable to reach out to the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads or visit one of their Customer Service Centres for guidance and support.

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