How To Recruit Ivy Fire Emblem Engage

How to Recruit Ivy in Fire Emblem: Engage

Fire Emblem: Engage is a popular turn-based strategy game that offers a wide cast of characters for players to recruit and battle with. One such character is Ivy, a powerful and versatile unit that can greatly enhance your team. In this article, we will guide you on how to recruit Ivy in Fire Emblem: Engage and harness her unique abilities for victory.

1. Progress through the Storyline

To recruit Ivy, you must first progress through the main storyline of Fire Emblem: Engage. As you play through the game, you will encounter various chapters and missions that advance the narrative. Ivy is introduced as a non-playable character (NPC) early on in the game, and in order to recruit her, you must complete specific tasks or reach particular milestones within the story.

2. Fulfill Special Requirements

While progressing through the storyline, keep an eye out for any special requirements or conditions necessary to recruit Ivy. These conditions might include completing a specific side quest, visiting certain locations, or fulfilling particular objectives within a given chapter. Pay close attention to the dialogue and prompts provided by the game, as they often hint at these special requirements.

3. Interact with Ivy

Once you have fulfilled the necessary conditions, it is time to interact with Ivy directly. This usually takes place during a specific chapter or event where Ivy becomes a recruitable character. During these encounters, engage in conversations with Ivy and make choices that align with her values and beliefs. Your decisions can play a crucial role in convincing Ivy to join your team.

4. Complete a Recruitment Battle

In some instances, recruiting Ivy may require completing a recruitment battle. These battles are unique scenarios designed to test your strategic skills and showcase Ivy’s abilities. To successfully recruit Ivy, you must emerge victorious in these battles. Make sure to deploy your units wisely, capitalize on Ivy’s strengths, and adapt to the challenges presented by the recruitment battle.

5. Utilize Support Units

In Fire Emblem: Engage, units become stronger and develop deeper bonds through support conversations and interactions. To increase your chances of successfully recruiting Ivy, invest time in building strong relationships between your units. By forging bonds and unlocking support conversations, you can strengthen the cohesion and teamwork within your team, making Ivy more likely to join your cause.

6. Assess Ivy’s Strengths and Weaknesses

Before recruiting Ivy, it is important to assess her strengths and weaknesses as a unit. Ivy is a versatile character who excels in both offensive and supportive roles. She possesses strong magical abilities and can heal and buff allies, making her a valuable addition to any team. However, Ivy may have her limitations and weaknesses, such as lower defense or vulnerability to specific weapon types. Understanding these traits will help you effectively utilize her in battles.

7. Train and Improve Ivy’s Skills

Once Ivy has joined your team, it’s crucial to invest time and resources into training and improving her skills. Fire Emblem: Engage offers various methods to enhance your units, such as leveling up through combat, equipping powerful weapons and equipment, and utilizing the game’s skill system. Regularly assess Ivy’s growth and progress, and tailor her abilities and skillset to suit your team’s overall strategy.

8. Formulate Effective Strategies

To truly maximize Ivy’s potential, it’s important to formulate effective strategies that utilize her unique abilities. Experiment with different team compositions and formations to find the best synergy with Ivy’s skills. As a versatile unit, Ivy can excel as an attacker or a supporter, depending on your team’s needs. Consider her range, movement, and magical abilities when planning your tactics, and adapt accordingly during battles.

Recruiting Ivy in Fire Emblem: Engage can greatly enhance your team’s strength and versatility. By progressing through the storyline, fulfilling special requirements, interacting with Ivy, and utilizing effective strategies, you can successfully recruit Ivy and unlock her full potential. With her magical abilities and versatile nature, Ivy is a valuable asset in your quest for victory in Fire Emblem: Engage.

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