How To Oneshot Zealots

How To Oneshot Zealots


Zealots can be formidable opponents in many video games and can pose a challenge to players. However, with the right technique and strategy, it’s possible to oneshot zealots, swiftly eliminating them from the game. In this article, we will explore some effective methods to execute the perfect oneshot against zealots, ensuring your victory and dominance.

Understanding Zealots

Before diving into the intricacies of oneshotting zealots, it’s crucial to comprehend their strengths and weaknesses. Zealots are often melee units with high health points, capable of dealing significant damage. They possess the ability to close distances quickly and engage in hand-to-hand combat. To counter this, players must exploit their limited range and vulnerability to ranged attacks.

Preparation is Key

1. Ranged weaponry: Equip yourself with powerful and accurate ranged weapons, such as sniper rifles, bows, or high-impact magical spells. These will allow you to inflict substantial damage on zealots from a safe distance, increasing your chances of a successful oneshot.

2. Critical hit chance: Invest in items or skills that enhance your critical hit chance. Critical hits can significantly amplify the damage dealt, giving a substantial advantage when attempting to oneshot zealots.

3. Positioning: Ensure you position yourself strategically. Opt for high ground or advantageous vantage points that provide a clear line of sight to the zealot. This will allow you to attack from unexpected angles, catching them off guard.

Exploiting Weaknesses

1. Elemental weaknesses: Identify and exploit the zealot’s elemental weaknesses. Elemental damage that is super effective against their type can drastically boost your damage output. Use elemental spells or weapons enchanted with appropriate elements to maximize your chances of a successful oneshot.

2. Crowd control: Utilize crowd control abilities or items to temporarily immobilize the zealot. Stuns, freezes, or other similar effects can prevent them from retaliating, providing an opportunity for an uninterrupted oneshot attack.

3. Debuffs: Apply debuffs or negative status effects to weaken the zealot. Spells or items that decrease their defense, resistance, or speed can tilt the odds in your favor, making them more susceptible to oneshot attacks.

Executing the Oneshot

1. Choose the perfect moment: Time your attack wisely. Look for opportunities when the zealot is isolated, distracted, or engaged with other players or enemies. This will minimize the chances of facing resistance or retaliation during your oneshot attempt.

2. Aim for the weak spots: Target known weak spots or vulnerable areas of the zealot, such as their head, joints, or exposed flesh. Precision is crucial when aiming for the oneshot, and striking these critical areas will maximize damage potential.

3. Unleash the full force of your abilities: Combine all your buffs, abilities, and special attacks to unleash a devastating blow. Engage any damage multipliers or special mechanics at your disposal to increase your damage output and improve your chances of a successful oneshot.


By following these tips and strategies, you can improve your chances of oneshotting zealots in various video games. Remember, preparation, positioning, understanding their weaknesses, and executing a well-timed attack are key elements for a successful oneshot. Practice your technique, refine your strategy, and you’ll soon be dominating the battlefield, leaving zealots in awe of your prowess.

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