How To Mine In Elite Dangerous

How To Mine In Elite Dangerous

Elite Dangerous is an incredibly vast and immersive space exploration game that allows players to dive into the depths of the galaxy. One of the exciting aspects of this game is mining, which offers a profitable way to gather resources and advance your gameplay. In this article, we will guide you through the process of mining in Elite Dangerous, from acquiring the necessary equipment to finding the most lucrative asteroids.

1. Get the Right Tools

Before embarking on your mining adventure, it is essential to equip yourself with the proper tools. The most crucial device you will need is a mining laser. This tool allows you to extract valuable resources from asteroids. To get a mining laser, visit a space station and head to the Outfitting section. Look for the Utility Mounts category and select a suitable mining laser to install on your ship.

2. Fit Your Ship for Mining

Now that you have a mining laser, it’s time to ensure your ship is properly equipped for mining operations. The first thing you should consider is cargo space. Since mined resources take up physical space, a larger cargo hold will allow you to collect more valuable materials before having to return to a station. Additionally, consider outfitting your ship with Collector Limpet Controllers. These modules enable you to deploy collector limpet drones that efficiently collect extracted resources and bring them back to your ship. The onboard Refinery module is another vital component for processing the raw materials you gather.

3. Identify Mining Hotspots

Not all asteroids are created equal in terms of resource density, so it’s essential to identify mining hotspots for maximum efficiency. Hotspots are areas in space where specific minerals are more abundant. To find these hotspots, equip a Detailed Surface Scanner and use it to scan rings around planets. This will reveal hotspots for specific resources, such as Low Temperature Diamonds (LTD) or Void Opals. Once you have identified a hotspot, head to that location to find asteroids rich in the desired resource.

4. Prospect and Engage

Upon reaching a mining hotspot, activate your Detailed Surface Scanner to find asteroid clusters containing the desired resource. Once identified, move closer to the targeted asteroids and deploy your Pulse Wave Analyser. This tool helps to differentiate between regular asteroids and those with mining potential.

When you find a promising asteroid, fly closer and use your mining laser to break off chunks of valuable material. Aim your mining laser at the asteroid’s surface and hold it until a chunk breaks off. At this point, you can collect the extracted materials with your collector limpet drones or manually with your ship’s cargo scoop.

5. Refining Resources

After accumulating a sufficient quantity of extracted materials, it’s time to refine them into usable resources. Return to your ship and ensure you have an active Refinery module. Open the cargo panel and select the refinery tab. Here, you can toggle on the desired resources you wish to refine. Once active, the refinery will begin converting raw materials into usable resources such as metals or gemstones.

6. Sell Your Haul

Congratulations, you’ve successfully extracted and refined valuable resources! Now it’s time to reap the rewards of your hard work. Return to a space station, navigate to the Commodities Market, and sell your haul for a tidy profit. Prices for resources in different systems may vary, so consider checking several markets to find the most lucrative sales opportunities.


Mining in Elite Dangerous can provide an exciting and profitable gameplay experience. By ensuring you have the right tools, fitting your ship accordingly, identifying mining hotspots, prospecting asteroids, refining resources, and selling your haul wisely, you can become a skilled and prosperous miner in the vast and infinite galaxy of Elite Dangerous. So gear up, set your sights on valuable asteroids, and let the mining adventure begin!

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