How To Make Ninja Turtle In Little Alchemy 2

How to Make Ninja Turtle in Little Alchemy 2

How to Make Ninja Turtle in Little Alchemy 2


Little Alchemy 2 is an addictive online game that allows you to combine different elements to create new ones. It challenges your creativity and problem-solving skills as you try to uncover all the possible combinations. One popular combination that players often try to discover is how to make a ninja turtle. In this article, we will guide you step-by-step on how to make a ninja turtle in Little Alchemy 2.

Step 1: Start with Basic Elements

Before you can create a ninja turtle, you need to begin with the basic elements in Little Alchemy 2. These elements include air, earth, fire, and water, which are the building blocks for all the other combinations in the game. If you haven’t already, start by combining air and earth to create dust, and then combine fire and water to create steam.

Step 2: Creating Life and Humans

In Little Alchemy 2, one of the key ingredients required to make a ninja turtle is life. To create life, combine earth and air. Once you have life, combine it with water to create humans.

Step 3: Combining Humans and Turtles

Now that you have humans, you’re one step closer to making a ninja turtle. Combine humans with turtles to create a turtle-human hybrid. This is a crucial step in the process as it sets the foundation for transforming the hybrid into a ninja turtle.

Step 4: Ninja and Weapons

In order to turn the turtle-human hybrid into a ninja turtle, you need to add the elements that define a ninja – stealth and weaponry. Combine humans with night to create ninjas, and then combine ninjas with weapons to equip them for battle.

Step 5: Mutant Mutation

The final step in making a ninja turtle in Little Alchemy 2 is to add the element of mutation. Combine your weapon-equipped ninja with radiation to create a mutant ninja. This completes the transformation and turns your hybrid into a full-fledged ninja turtle.


Little Alchemy 2 offers endless possibilities for combination and discovery, and creating a ninja turtle is just one of the exciting combinations you can unlock. By following these step-by-step instructions, you can unleash your creativity and become a master at creating unique elements in the game. Remember, it’s all about experimenting with different combinations and thinking outside the box. So go ahead, give it a try, and have fun making your very own ninja turtle in Little Alchemy 2!

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