How To Make Deepslate Bricks

How To Make Deepslate Bricks

Deepslate is a brand new block introduced in Minecraft 1.17, also known as the Caves & Cliffs update. It is a unique material that can be used to create various structures and crafting recipes. One of the most popular uses for Deepslate is crafting Deepslate Bricks, a beautiful block with a dark gray color and a smooth texture. In this article, we will guide you through the process of making Deepslate Bricks in Minecraft.

Gather Your Resources

Before you can start making Deepslate Bricks, you will need to gather the necessary resources. The main ingredient for crafting Deepslate Bricks is Deepslate, which can be found in the deep underground of your Minecraft world. You will also need a furnace, some coal or any other fuel source, and a crafting table.

Deepslate can be obtained by mining Deepslate Ore blocks. These blocks can be found below Y-level 16, usually in the lower parts of caves or deep ravines. Deepslate Ore blocks are relatively easy to identify due to their darker appearance compared to regular Stone blocks.

Smelting Deepslate

Once you have collected enough Deepslate, it’s time to smelt it into Deepslate Bricks. To do this, place the Deepslate blocks into the furnace, along with some fuel such as coal or charcoal. Wait for the furnace to finish processing, and you will be rewarded with Deepslate Bricks.

Keep in mind that one Deepslate block will yield one Deepslate Brick. Therefore, you will need to mine and smelt multiple Deepslate blocks to obtain enough bricks for your desired project.

Crafting Deepslate Bricks

If you prefer a more tailored approach, you can also craft Deepslate Bricks directly using Deepslate and Slabs. This method allows you to create Deepslate Bricks without the need for a furnace. Here’s how you can do it:

1. Open your crafting table.
2. Place four Deepslate blocks in a two-by-two formation in the crafting grid.
3. You will now have four Deepslate Brick items.

This crafting recipe allows you to easily obtain Deepslate Bricks right from the start, without the need to smelt Deepslate in a furnace.

Using Deepslate Bricks

Deepslate Bricks are not only a visually appealing block but also have excellent durability. They are a fantastic choice for building structures that can withstand various challenges in Minecraft, including Creeper explosions and Enderman attacks.

You can use Deepslate Bricks to construct a wide range of buildings, pathways, or decorative elements. Their rich gray color adds a touch of elegance and uniqueness to your designs. Experiment with different combinations and patterns, and let your creativity flow!


Deepslate Bricks are a versatile and sturdy building material in Minecraft, allowing players to create beautiful structures with a touch of elegance and durability. Whether you choose to smelt Deepslate or craft it using a combination of Deepslate blocks and slabs, the end result will be a visually appealing block that adds a unique flair to your Minecraft world. So gather your resources, unleash your creativity, and start crafting Deepslate Bricks today!

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