How To Make Campfire In Little Alchemy

How to Make a Campfire in Little Alchemy


In the addictive online game, Little Alchemy, you have the power to create your very own world by combining basic elements to form complex objects. One popular combination that players often strive to achieve is creating a campfire. Having a campfire is not only visually appealing, but it can also lead to the creation of other exciting elements in the game. In this article, we will guide you through the step-by-step process of making a campfire in Little Alchemy.

The Base Elements:

Before we dive into the specific combination needed to make a campfire in Little Alchemy, it is crucial to understand the base elements required. In this case, you will need two basic elements: fire and wood. To create fire, you simply need to combine two of the game’s primary elements, which are air and energy. You can think of fire as the result of the combination of the movement of air and energy. Wood, on the other hand, is made by combining the game’s original elements – earth and plant.

Combining Fire and Wood:

Once you have successfully created fire and wood in Little Alchemy, it’s time to combine them to make a campfire. To do this, you need to drag and drop the fire element onto the wood element, or vice versa, in your workspace area. Upon combining the two elements, you will witness a magical transformation as a campfire is born right before your eyes. Congratulations, you have successfully made a campfire!

Exploring Campfire’s Possibilities:

What makes Little Alchemy so intriguing is not just the initial creation of a campfire, but also the opportunities that arise from it. Once you have a campfire, you can now combine it with other elements to create even more fascinating objects. For example, by combining a campfire with a house, you can make a fireplace. By blending campfire with dough, you can create bread. The key to progressing in the game is experimenting and discovering new combinations.

Creative Tips and Tricks:

As you venture into the Little Alchemy world, here are some additional tips and tricks to help you along your journey:

1. Experiment and Explore:

Don’t be afraid to try out different combinations. Some of the best discoveries come from unexpected pairings. Keep experimenting to unlock new elements and advance in the game.

2. Think Outside the Box:

In Little Alchemy, sometimes the combination you need might not seem obvious at first. Take a moment to think outside the box and consider the properties and characteristics of the elements you’re working with. This will help you come up with creative solutions.

3. Utilize Hints and Guidebooks:

If you ever find yourself stuck and unable to progress, don’t hesitate to seek help from in-game hints or online guidebooks. These resources can provide valuable insights and spark new ideas.


In the enchanting world of Little Alchemy, making a campfire is just the beginning. By combining fire and wood, you can unlock a world of possibilities and expand your collection of elements. Remember to experiment, think creatively, and utilize available resources to continue unraveling the secrets of this captivating game. So go ahead, dive in, and start creating your own magical world in Little Alchemy!

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