How To Kill Armored Bokoblin

How To Kill Armored Bokoblin

Armored Bokoblins are tough enemies in the popular video game The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. These foes are equipped with sturdy armor that can withstand regular attacks, making them a challenge for players to defeat. However, with the right strategy and preparation, taking down these Armored Bokoblins can be an achievable task. In this article, we will talk about the most effective techniques and tips to eliminate Armored Bokoblins with ease.

Understanding Armored Bokoblins

Before battling an Armored Bokoblin, it is essential to understand their strengths and weaknesses. These enemies are resistant to regular weapons and arrows, as their armor can minimize the damage inflicted upon them. However, like most things in life, they have a weakness – fire! Armored Bokoblins are incredibly vulnerable to fire-based attacks, which can quickly break their armor and expose them to more significant damage. Keep this weakness in mind as we move on to the strategies in the next section.

Effective Strategies

1. Use Fire Arrows: Fire is your greatest ally when facing Armored Bokoblins. Stock up on Fire Arrows before engaging in battle. Aim for the armor parts of the enemy, such as its helmet or chestplate, to set them ablaze. The fire will weaken the armor, leaving the Bokoblin vulnerable for your subsequent attacks. Continue launching fire arrows until the armor is destroyed.

2. Light a Campfire: When you’re low on Fire Arrows or need a different fire source, you can utilize the environment to your advantage. Find a nearby campfire or create one using resources like wood and flint. By interacting with the campfire, you can light a torch. With the lit torch, approach the Armored Bokoblin and set it on fire. This strategy will also weaken the armor, allowing you to deal more damage.

3. Explosive Barrels: Look around the battlefield for explosive barrels or barrels filled with combustible materials. These can be used to create a fiery explosion near an Armored Bokoblin, significantly damaging its armor. You can either shoot an arrow at the barrel to explode it or use a fire-based weapon to ignite it.

4. Fire-based Weapons and Runes: In addition to Fire Arrows, you can also utilize fire-based weapons or runes. A flaming sword, spear, or claymore can be found throughout the game’s world and will deal extra damage to the Armored Bokoblin. Alternatively, if you have obtained the Remote Bomb Rune, you can make use of it by detonating bombs near the enemy, causing them to catch fire.

Other Tips

Timing is Key: Pay attention to the Armored Bokoblin’s movements and attack patterns. Their armor may regenerate over time, so be quick with your fire-based attacks to break it before this happens.

Prepare Food and Elixirs: Armored Bokoblin encounters can be intense, so make sure you have enough recovery resources. Cook and carry meals that increase your attack power or provide healing effects. Elixirs with fire resistance can offer further protection against the enemy’s fire attacks.

Upgrade Your Armor: Before confronting Armored Bokoblins, consider upgrading your own armor for increased defense. Visit fairy fountains throughout the game to enhance your armor’s capabilities, providing more protection against the enemy’s offensive moves.

Utilize Sneak Attacks: Although Armored Bokoblins are tough, they can still be defeated with a stealthy approach. Sneak up on them to initiate a silent strike, dealing significant damage from the start.


By employing these strategies and tips, defeating Armored Bokoblins in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild will become much easier. Remember their weakness to fire-based attacks, stock up on Fire Arrows, and exploit explosive barrels or fire-based weapons to deal maximum damage. Additionally, enhancing your own armor, utilizing sneak attacks, and being equipped with recovery resources will greatly increase your chances of victory. So gear up, use your wits, and show those Armored Bokoblins who’s boss!

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