How To Install Sigpatches

How To Install Sigpatches

How To Install Sigpatches

Sigpatches are essential for running custom firmware and homebrew software on your Nintendo Switch console. These patches allow unsigned code, such as homebrew applications or custom firmware, to run on your device without being verified or signed by Nintendo.

What are Sigpatches?

Sigpatches help bypass the signature checks performed by official firmware on the Nintendo Switch. The official firmware only allows signed code to run on the console, which means any unofficial software or firmware won’t be executed. By installing Sigpatches, you effectively disable these signature checks and enable the use of custom firmware and homebrew applications.

Things You Will Need

Before starting the installation process, you’ll need to gather a few tools:

  • A Nintendo Switch console running custom firmware (CFW) like Atmosphère or ReinX.
  • A compatible SD card with enough free space for the required files and homebrew applications.
  • A computer with an internet connection and an SD card reader.
  • The latest Sigpatch files specific to your custom firmware.

Step 1: Downloading Sigpatches

The first step is to download the appropriate Sigpatch files for your custom firmware. These can usually be found on online forums and websites dedicated to Nintendo Switch hacking and homebrew. Make sure to download the Sigpatches that match your specific custom firmware version, as using incompatible patches may lead to errors or instability.

Step 2: Preparing Your SD Card

After acquiring the Sigpatch files, insert your SD card into your computer’s card reader and ensure it’s recognized. Open the SD card directory and create a new folder called “switch” (without quotes) if one doesn’t already exist. This is where you’ll place the Sigpatch files and homebrew applications.

Step 3: Extracting and Copying Sigpatches

Extract the downloaded Sigpatch files using a decompression tool such as WinRAR or 7-Zip. Once extracted, you should have a folder containing the necessary Sigpatch files. Copy and paste the contents of this folder into the “switch” folder on your SD card. Make sure to replace any existing files if prompted.

Step 4: Running Custom Firmware

Insert the SD card back into your Nintendo Switch console and power it on. Launch your custom firmware by following the specific instructions for your chosen CFW. After successfully booting into the custom firmware, you should now be able to run unsigned code and homebrew applications without encountering signature errors.

Additional Tips and Considerations

Here are a few additional tips to ensure a smooth installation and functioning of Sigpatches:

  • Always keep your custom firmware and Sigpatches up to date. New firmware releases may require updated Sigpatches for compatibility.
  • Double-check the compatibility of the Sigpatches with your specific custom firmware version before downloading and installing.
  • Be cautious when downloading files from unofficial sources, as they may contain malicious code. Stick to reputable forums and websites.
  • If you encounter any issues after installing Sigpatches, try searching for solutions on official forums or contacting the homebrew community for assistance.


Installing Sigpatches is an essential step for unlocking the full potential of your Nintendo Switch console. By disabling signature checks, you can enjoy the freedom to run custom firmware and homebrew applications, opening up a world of additional features and possibilities. Just make sure to follow the appropriate steps and use compatible Sigpatches to ensure a secure and stable gaming experience.

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