How To Increase Clan Tier Bannerlord

How to Increase Your Clan Tier in Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord is a popular medieval sandbox game that allows players to build their own empire. One of the key aspects of progressing in the game is increasing your clan tier, which unlocks various benefits and opportunities. In this article, we will explore different strategies and techniques to help you raise your clan tier and achieve success in Bannerlord.

What is Clan Tier and Why is it Important?

Clan tier represents the overall power and influence of your clan within the game world. As you increase your tier, you gain access to various privileges, such as larger armies, more fiefs to govern, and the ability to recruit higher-tier units. Additionally, your clan’s reputation and standing among other factions will improve, leading to more diplomatic opportunities and alliances.

1. Engage in Battles and Win

One of the most effective ways to increase your clan tier in Bannerlord is through engaging in battles and emerging victorious. Participating in battles, both small skirmishes and large-scale sieges, not only helps you gain valuable combat experience but also provides you with a chance to capture enemy lords and recruit them to your cause.

By capturing enemy lords, you can demand ransom or release them in exchange for a significant boost to your clan’s influence. This, in turn, will contribute towards increasing your clan tier. Strategically selecting battles that are winnable and prioritizing capturing enemy lords will maximize your gains and propel your clan forward.

2. Complete Quests and Encourage Others

Quests are an integral part of Bannerlord’s gameplay, and completing them can have a significant impact on your clan tier. Quests can range from simple errands to complex missions that involve diplomacy and combat. Engaging in and successfully completing quests not only rewards you with valuable experience points and gold but also improves your standing with different factions and nobles.

By establishing positive relationships and nurturing alliances with various factions, you can gain support and assistance in your quest for increasing your clan tier. Encouraging other clan leaders to join your cause, whether through diplomacy or gifts, can strengthen your influence, thereby accelerating your clan’s growth.

3. Manage Your Fiefs and Economy

Owning and managing fiefs, such as towns, castles, and villages, is crucial for elevating your clan tier. Fiefs generate income, provide resources, and allow you to recruit troops. By developing and improving your fiefs, you can increase their overall prosperity and your influence over the surrounding areas.

Investing in infrastructure, such as building upgraded workshops and markets, will boost your fief’s economy, generate more revenue, and enhance your clan’s reputation. Constructing fortifications, such as walls and siege engines, will not only strengthen your defenses but also contribute to your clan’s overall power. Efficiently managing your fiefs will ensure a steady income and resources, enabling you to recruit and maintain a formidable army.

4. Increase Your Renown

Renown is a measure of your clan’s reputation and prestige in the game world. The higher your renown, the faster your clan tier will rise. To increase your renown, engage in battles against formidable opponents, complete quests, and successfully lead sieges. Winning tournaments, participating in feasts, and donating prisoners can also provide a sizable boost to your renown.

Additionally, becoming a vassal to a kingdom and actively participating in the faction’s wars and campaigns will significantly increase your renown and clan tier. By proving your worth and loyalty to your chosen kingdom, you can rise through the ranks and unlock greater privileges and responsibilities.

5. Forge Alliances and Establish Kingdoms

As your clan tier increases, you may consider forming alliances with other clans and ultimately founding your own kingdom. By allying with other powerful clans, you can pool your resources and gain an advantage over your enemies. These alliances not only increase your clan’s overall strength but also open up more diplomatic options and opportunities.

Once your clan reaches a high enough tier, you can declare independence and establish your own kingdom. Founding a kingdom entails capturing a town or castle as your primary settlement and then working to conquer additional fiefs. Becoming a ruler allows you to shape the political landscape of the game world, making alliances, waging wars, and expanding your influence.

In conclusion, increasing your clan tier in Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord is a gradual process that requires a combination of strategic decision-making, combat prowess, and effective management. By engaging in battles, completing quests, managing your fiefs, increasing your renown, and forming alliances, you can steadily progress through the ranks and establish a powerful and influential clan. Good luck on your journey to success in Bannerlord!

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