How To Hunt Dwarf Fortress


Dwarf Fortress is an incredibly immersive and complex simulation game that takes you on a journey of managing a dwarf settlement in a vast and dangerous world. While there are many aspects to master in the game, one crucial skill you need to learn is hunting. Hunting in Dwarf Fortress can provide your dwarves with valuable resources and food, ensuring the survival and growth of your settlement. In this article, we will explore the basics of hunting in Dwarf Fortress and provide you with some tips to improve your hunting skills.

Gearing Up

Before embarking on your hunting expeditions, it is important to ensure that your dwarves are properly equipped. The most essential item for any hunter is a good-quality weapon. Depending on the resources available in your fortress, you can equip your hunters with weapons like crossbows, bows, or various melee weapons. It’s also crucial to provide your hunters with ammunition, such as bolts or arrows, for ranged weapons. Additionally, don’t forget to give your hunters a suitable piece of armor to protect them from potential dangers in the wild.

Selecting the Right Hunters

Not all dwarves are natural hunters, so it’s important to select the right individuals for this role. Look for dwarves with high levels of agility, strength, and marksdwarf or wrestler skills, as these attributes will greatly enhance their hunting abilities. It’s also beneficial to assign a dedicated leader or captain for your hunting team who can coordinate their efforts effectively and lead them towards success.

Scouting for Game

To hunt successfully, you need to find areas where game animals can be found. In Dwarf Fortress, biomes play an essential role in determining the types of animals you will encounter. Different biomes have unique wildlife, ranging from small critters like rabbits and squirrels to dangerous beasts like elephants and bears. To locate these animals, select a dwarf with hunting skills and assign them to perform the scouting activity. They will explore the wilderness surrounding your fortress and report back with information on the game they have spotted.

Setting Hunting Zones

Once you have identified suitable hunting grounds, it’s time to create hunting zones for your dwarves. Hunting zones allow you to designate specific areas where your hunters will search for prey. To set up a hunting zone, navigate to the zones menu and select the specific area you want to designate. Remember to adjust the size of the zone according to the available game in the area. Smaller zones will ensure a focused hunt, while larger zones may scatter your hunters and reduce efficiency.

The Art of Hunting

When hunting in Dwarf Fortress, there are two primary methods you can employ: ranged and melee hunting. Ranged hunting involves using weapons like bows or crossbows to shoot at animals from a distance. This method is ideal for hunting dangerous or elusive creatures. Melee hunting, on the other hand, requires your hunter to engage the animal in close combat. This method can be riskier but may yield more resources as you can obtain meat, hides, and bones from the slain creature.

Ensuring Success

To increase your chances of a successful hunt, it is essential to train your hunters regularly. Hunting is a skill that improves with practice, so make sure to provide your hunters with ample opportunities to refine their abilities. Additionally, you can assign a training schedule in the military menu to focus on specific hunting tasks, such as target practice, sparring, or wrestling with captured wildlife. Remember, a well-trained hunter is a more efficient and successful hunter.


Hunting in Dwarf Fortress is a vital skill for sustaining your dwarf settlement. By equipping your hunters with the right gear, selecting suitable candidates, scouting for game, and setting up hunting zones, you can ensure a constant supply of valuable resources and food. Remember to train your hunters regularly and experiment with different hunting methods to maximize your chances of success. With practice and perseverance, you will become a master hunter in the captivating world of Dwarf Fortress. So grab your crossbow and venture into the wilderness – an exciting hunting adventure awaits!

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