How To Get Unphased Badge In Slap Battles

How To Get Unphased Badge In Slap Battles

Have you ever wondered how some players in Slap Battles manage to earn the prestigious Unphased Badge? This coveted achievement symbolizes exceptional resilience and the ability to stay composed even in the face of powerful slaps. In this article, we will guide you through the steps to acquire the Unphased Badge, helping you become an unstoppable force in Slap Battles.

Slap Battles is an online game that involves competing against opponents in a virtual slapping contest. Players take turns delivering slaps to each other, with the aim of inflicting the most damage and decreasing their opponent’s health. The Unphased Badge recognizes those players who can withstand heavy slaps without losing their composure or surrendering the battle.

Step 1: Build Strong Endurance

To begin your journey towards acquiring the Unphased Badge, you must focus on building your endurance. The more endurance you have, the longer you can withstand your opponent’s slaps and maintain your composure. Endurance is the key to success in Slap Battles.

One way to increase your endurance is by regularly training your character. Engage in activities that boost your stamina, such as running, jumping rope, or lifting weights. As you improve your physical fitness, your in-game endurance will increase, enabling you to withstand more powerful slaps.

Step 2: Upgrade Your Defense

In Slap Battles, having a strong defense is essential to becoming unphased by your opponent’s slaps. Utilize the in-game currency or resources you earn to upgrade your character’s defense attributes. Enhancing your defense can significantly reduce the impact of incoming slaps, allowing you to maintain your composure more effectively.

Keep an eye out for opportunities to acquire better defensive equipment, such as armguards or helmets, which offer additional protection against your opponent’s onslaught. These upgrades will greatly enhance your resilience, making it more challenging for your opponents to rattle you.

Step 3: Practice Mindfulness and Concentration

In the heat of battle, maintaining mindfulness and concentration can make all the difference. To become unphased, you need to stay firmly rooted in the present moment and focus on your strategy, rather than getting overwhelmed by the intensity of each slap.

Before starting a Slap Battle, take a few moments to calm your mind and visualize yourself as a composed and unshakable player. Throughout the battle, remind yourself to stay focused on your own gameplay, rather than becoming preoccupied with your opponent’s actions. A calm and collected mindset is vital for earning the Unphased Badge.

Step 4: Analyze Your Opponent’s Strategy

Being aware of your opponent’s strategy can give you a significant advantage in Slap Battles. By carefully observing their moves and anticipating their next actions, you can prepare yourself mentally and physically to defend against their slaps effectively.

Study your opponent’s patterns, timing, and techniques by reviewing previous battles or watching replays. This analysis will allow you to develop countermeasures to protect yourself from their most powerful attacks. The better you understand your adversary, the less likely they will be able to catch you off guard.

Step 5: Participate in Slap Battle Tournaments

The ultimate test of your skills and resilience in Slap Battles comes through participating in tournaments. These organized events feature high-level competition, bringing together the most skilled players from around the world. Successfully progressing through tournament stages and defeating strong opponents will greatly contribute to your chances of earning the Unphased Badge.

When participating in tournaments, remember to stay true to your training and strategies. Don’t let the pressure overwhelm you; instead, channel your focus and calmness to outperform your opponents. Make use of the experience gained from each battle to refine your tactics and become even more unphased.


Becoming a master of Slap Battles requires unwavering composure and the ability to stay unphased even in the face of powerful slaps. By following the steps outlined above, including building endurance, upgrading your defense, practicing mindfulness and concentration, analyzing opponent strategies, and participating in tournaments, you will be well on your way to acquiring the prestigious Unphased Badge. Prepare yourself mentally, physically, and strategically, and soon enough, you will be a force to be reckoned with in the world of Slap Battles.

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