How To Get The Hivemind Badge In Ability Wars

How to Get the Hivemind Badge in Ability Wars

Ability Wars is an exciting game on various platforms that challenges players to showcase their skills and abilities. One of the most coveted achievements in Ability Wars is the Hivemind Badge. This badge reflects a high level of teamwork and coordination among players. In this article, we will guide you through the steps to obtain the Hivemind Badge in Ability Wars.

Understanding the Hivemind Badge

The Hivemind Badge in Ability Wars is a special achievement that recognizes players who can work harmoniously with their teammates to achieve victory. In this game mode, collaboration is key, and the Hivemind Badge is the ultimate symbol of perfect teamwork.

Find Reliable Teammates

To earn the Hivemind Badge, you need to assemble a team of reliable and skilled players. Look for teammates who are familiar with the game mechanics, possess good communication skills, and can adapt quickly to different situations. Building a team with a shared goal will greatly enhance your chances of earning the Hivemind Badge.

Communication is Vital

Clear and effective communication plays a crucial role in achieving success in Ability Wars. Utilize voice chat or in-game messaging systems to coordinate with your teammates. Constantly share information about enemy locations, strategy changes, power-ups, and other crucial details that can give your team an advantage. Good communication helps teammates synchronize their actions and make better strategic decisions.

Develop a Strategy

Before diving into a match, it is important to develop a cohesive strategy with your team. Discuss different tactics and approaches that can help you secure victory. Analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your team members and align them with their respective roles. Having a plan in place will ensure that every player understands their responsibilities, leading to a well-executed strategy.

Focus on Team Objectives

In Ability Wars, individual skills alone are not enough to secure the Hivemind Badge. The team must prioritize the objectives of the game mode. These may include capturing specific points, collecting items, or defending important areas. Encourage your teammates to prioritize team objectives over personal achievements, as this will create a stronger collective focus and enhance your chances of obtaining the Hivemind Badge.

Adaptability is Key

Ability Wars is renowned for its unpredictability. To earn the Hivemind Badge, your team must be able to adapt quickly to changing circumstances and adjust its strategy accordingly. Always be prepared to change your approach depending on the actions of the opposing team or the random events that can occur throughout the game. Flexibility and adaptability will allow your team to maintain a strong collaborative spirit even in challenging situations.

Practice and Persevere

Earning the Hivemind Badge in Ability Wars requires practice, dedication, and perseverance. Take the time to familiarize yourself with the game mechanics, character abilities, and different maps. Regularly train with your team to improve your teamwork and coordination. Understand that achieving the badge may not happen immediately, but with persistence, you will get closer to your goal.

Celebrate Small Victories

While the Hivemind Badge is the ultimate achievement, it is important to celebrate small victories along the way. Acknowledge team accomplishments, successful strategies implemented, and moments where teamwork shines. Recognizing these milestones will boost team morale and motivation, creating a positive and encouraging atmosphere that will drive you and your teammates towards the Hivemind Badge.


Earning the Hivemind Badge in Ability Wars is a challenging but rewarding endeavor. By assembling a reliable team, communicating effectively, strategizing, focusing on team objectives, adapting to changing circumstances, practicing, and celebrating small victories, you can work towards obtaining this coveted badge. Remember, the journey to achieving the Hivemind Badge is just as important as the badge itself.

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