How To Get The Fixer Plan Fallout 76

How to Get The Fixer Plan in Fallout 76

Fallout 76 has become an incredibly popular online multiplayer game set in a post-apocalyptic world. Players face numerous challenges and undertake exciting quests in order to survive and thrive in this wasteland. One of the sought-after items in the game is The Fixer Plan, an amazing weapon with great power and versatility. In this article, we will guide you on how to obtain The Fixer Plan in Fallout 76 and enhance your arsenal.

What is The Fixer Plan?

The Fixer Plan is a recipe that players can acquire to unlock the ability to craft The Fixer weapon in Fallout 76. The Fixer is a unique combat rifle that offers increased sneak damage, faster sneaking movement speed, and improved durability. It also has the potential to become one of the most powerful weapons in the game.

Complete the Encryptid Event

In order to obtain The Fixer Plan, you will need to participate in and successfully complete the Encryptid Event. This event involves defeating the Imposter Sheepsquatch, a powerful robot enemy. To start the event, head to the Pylon Ambush Site in the Mire region of the game. There, you will find a terminal that allows you to initiate the event. The Encrypted Event can be challenging, so it’s recommended to team up with other players for better chances of success.

Gather Recall Keycards

During the Encryptid Event, you will need to gather three Recall Keycards to activate the pylons and ultimately defeat the Imposter Sheepsquatch. These keycards can be found on different enemies throughout the event, so make sure to eliminate foes and search their bodies for the Recall Keycards. Once you have collected all three of them, you can proceed with the next step in obtaining The Fixer Plan.

Defeat the Imposter Sheepsquatch

After collecting the Recall Keycards, head to the Imposter Sheepsquatch’s lair within the Pylon Ambush Site. Activate the three pylons using the Recall Keycards you obtained earlier. This step is crucial as it weakens the Imposter Sheepsquatch, making it vulnerable to damage. Team up with other players to maximize your chances of successfully defeating this formidable enemy.

Claim the Rewards

Once you have defeated the Imposter Sheepsquatch, make sure to loot its body to collect your hard-earned rewards. Among these rewards, you will find The Fixer Plan. Congratulations! You have now obtained the recipe necessary to craft this powerful weapon.

Crafting The Fixer

To craft The Fixer, you will need various components and a certain level of crafting skills. Here is a list of the required ingredients:

  • 1 x Combat Rifle – This serves as the base item for The Fixer.
  • 2 x Fiber Optics – Can be obtained by scrapping certain items or found in high-tech areas.
  • 3 x Ballistic Fiber – Can be acquired by scrapping military-related items or found in military installations.
  • 5 x Adhesive – Made by combining various components like glue, vegetable starch, or adhesive items found in the game.
  • 3 x Legendary Modules – Purchased from the Purveyor, a vendor who sells legendary items for legendary scrip earned through events and other activities.

You will also need to have the Gunsmith perk equipped at level 5 to craft The Fixer. If you do not have this perk, make sure to level up and invest in it before attempting to create this weapon.


The Fixer Plan is a highly sought-after item in Fallout 76, providing players with a versatile and powerful combat rifle. By completing the Encryptid Event, gathering Recall Keycards, defeating the Imposter Sheepsquatch, and crafting the weapon, you can add The Fixer to your arsenal. Remember to team up with other players for better chances of success, and don’t forget to equip the necessary crafting skills and perks. Good luck, wastelanders!

Note: This article is intended for informational purposes only. Fallout 76 is constantly being updated, and game mechanics may change. Please verify the latest information in the game before attempting to acquire The Fixer Plan.

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