How To Get Scoria Ore

How To Get Scoria Ore

Scoria ore is a valuable resource in many industries, including construction, landscaping, and even jewelry making. This volcanic rock is prized for its durability and unique appearance, making it a popular choice for various projects. If you’re interested in obtaining scoria ore for personal or professional use, this article will guide you through the different methods of acquiring it.

1. Identifying Scoria Ore Deposits

To begin your quest for scoria ore, you must first learn how to identify its deposits. Scoria is a dark, porous volcanic rock that often appears black or dark red. It is lightweight and known to float in water due to its porous nature. One of the easiest ways to find scoria ore is by researching volcanic regions or areas with a history of volcanic activity. Volcanic islands, volcanic craters, or regions near volcanoes are likely to contain scoria ore deposits.

2. Geological Surveys and Maps

Geological surveys and maps can be immensely helpful in locating scoria ore deposits. These resources provide valuable information about the geology of an area, including the presence of volcanic rocks such as scoria. Checking with local geological or mining authorities can help you access these surveys and maps. They often contain detailed information, including the composition of the rocks and their approximate locations.

3. Exploring Abandoned Mine Sites

Another method to obtain scoria ore is by exploring abandoned mine sites. Many old volcanic mines were once productive sources of scoria. While safety should always be a priority, some abandoned mines can still yield scoria ore if proper precautions are taken. It is crucial to research the history of the mine, assess its stability, and obtain any required permissions or permits before exploring these sites.

4. Contacting Local Quarries

If searching for scoria ore independently seems daunting, you can reach out to local quarries or stone suppliers. They may have scoria deposits on their properties or know of nearby sources. Building relationships with professionals in the industry can be invaluable, as they may be able to connect you with reliable suppliers or provide guidance on obtaining scoria ore.

5. Online Marketplaces and Suppliers

The internet has made it easier than ever to find and purchase various materials, including scoria ore. Numerous online marketplaces and suppliers specialize in providing a wide range of rocks, minerals, and gemstones. Conducting a simple online search for “scoria ore suppliers” or “buy scoria ore” can yield multiple results. However, it is essential to review customer testimonials, compare prices, and ensure that the supplier is reputable before making a purchase.

6. Community Rockhounding Trips

If you’re passionate about rocks and minerals, consider joining a community rockhounding group in your area. Rockhounding involves searching for and collecting rocks, and many enthusiasts share their knowledge and discoveries with others. Participating in rockhounding trips can be an exciting way to learn more about scoria ore and potentially find your own specimens.

7. Environmental Considerations

While searching for scoria ore, it’s crucial to consider environmental impacts and legal restrictions. Before collecting or mining any rocks or minerals, consult local regulations and obtain the necessary permissions or permits if required. Additionally, ensure that your activities do not harm the environment or endangered species. By being mindful of these considerations, you can enjoy your scoria ore responsibly and sustainably.


Obtaining scoria ore can be an adventurous and rewarding process, whether you’re collecting it for personal or professional use. By learning to identify scoria ore deposits, utilizing geological surveys, exploring abandoned mine sites cautiously, contacting local quarries, and exploring online suppliers, you can acquire this unique volcanic rock. Joining rockhounding groups and considering environmental considerations further enhance your scoria ore hunting experience. Remember, always prioritize safety and the environment, and enjoy the journey of discovering this fascinating resource!

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