How To Get Sap In Ark Fjordur

How To Get Sap In Ark Fjordur

Ark: Fjordur is a popular survival game where players find themselves on an island filled with perilous creatures and challenging environments. One of the essential resources you’ll need to progress in the game is sap. Sap is a versatile material used for crafting various items, including essential tools, structures, and even weapons. In this article, we will guide you on how to obtain sap efficiently in Ark: Fjordur, ensuring your survival and success on the island.

Finding the Right Trees

The primary source of sap in Ark: Fjordur is trees. However, not all trees provide sap, so it is crucial to identify the correct tree species that yield this valuable resource. You can locate sap-yielding trees by looking for their distinct appearance. These trees typically have a darker bark and appear denser compared to the regular trees on the island.

Once you have identified the suitable trees, you can start gathering sap. A useful tip to remember is that sap-yielding trees often grow near water bodies, such as rivers or lakes. By exploring these areas, you increase your chances of finding the right trees and gathering an ample supply of sap.

Using a Tapping Device

To collect sap from the trees, you’ll need a tapping device, commonly known as a tree sap tap. This tool allows you to extract sap from the trees without causing significant damage to them. To craft a tree sap tap, you will need specific resources.

Firstly, gather some wood by harvesting trees using an axe or other suitable tools. Collecting sufficient wood ensures that you have an adequate supply for crafting multiple tree sap taps. Additionally, you’ll need some thatch, which can be acquired by gathering dried plants or using tools to cut down foliage.

Once you have gathered the required resources, access your crafting menu and search for the tree sap tap. Craft as many tree sap taps as you need to expedite the sap collection process. Remember to prioritize the durability of your tools, as they may break after prolonged use.

Tapping for Sap

Now that you have your tree sap taps, it’s time to put them to use by extracting sap from the trees. Approach a sap-yielding tree and interact with it to attach the tree sap tap. After placing the tap on the tree, give it some time to start producing sap.

Be aware that the sap collection process will take some time, so it’s recommended to attach multiple taps to different trees simultaneously. This allows you to gather sap efficiently while waiting for the first tree to produce more sap. Patience is key as you wait for the sap to accumulate in the taps.

Remember to revisit the tapped trees periodically to collect the sap. The sap will accumulate over time, and you don’t want to miss out on any valuable resources. Approach each tree, interact with the tap, and select the option to collect sap. The collected sap will be added to your inventory, ready for use in crafting or other purposes.

Benefits and Uses of Sap

Sap in Ark: Fjordur has several benefits and uses that make it a valuable resource. Apart from being a component for crafting certain tools and structures, sap can also be utilized for food preservation. By combining sap with certain ingredients and creating jars, you can store perishable food items for prolonged periods, ensuring a stable food supply during your adventures.

Additionally, sap is essential for creating various consumables and weapons. It can be used as an ingredient to craft antidotes, healing balms, and potent poisons that can assist you in combat scenarios. With a steady supply of sap, you can always be prepared for any challenges that come your way.


Gathering sap in Ark: Fjordur is a fundamental aspect of the game that enables players to progress, survive, and thrive on the island. By identifying the correct tree species, crafting tree sap taps, and patiently collecting the sap, you ensure a plentiful supply of this valuable resource. Make the most out of your newfound knowledge on how to obtain sap, and unleash your creativity to craft powerful tools and structures that will aid you on your thrilling adventures in Ark: Fjordur.

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