How To Get Rid Of Cherries In Candy Crush

How To Get Rid Of Cherries In Candy Crush

How To Get Rid Of Cherries In Candy Crush

Cherries in Candy Crush can be a real challenge to clear, especially when they are positioned in hard-to-reach places. These pesky cherries often stand in your way of completing levels and progressing through the game. If you’re tired of having cherries linger on the board, fear not! In this article, we will provide you with some effective strategies and tips on how to get rid of cherries in Candy Crush. Let’s dive in!

1. Focus on Creating Special Candy Combinations

Special candies are powerful tools that can help you clear cherries more efficiently. Striped candies, wrapped candies, and color bombs have the potential to remove cherries and other obstacles in one move. To create a striped candy, you need to match four candies of the same color in a row or column. Matching five candies in an L or T shape will result in a wrapped candy, while matching five candies in a row or column will produce a color bomb. Utilize these special candies strategically to maximize their impact and eliminate those troublesome cherries.

2. Clear Obstacles and Spread the Jam

Clearing obstacles, such as chocolate and meringues, is essential for creating space on the board to maneuver and make moves that will help you get rid of cherries. Additionally, spreading the jam by making matches adjacent to it can progressively clear the board, potentially shifting cherries to more accessible locations. Aim to remove as many obstacles as possible and strategically spread the jam to increase your chances of eliminating cherries efficiently.

3. Utilize Boosters and Power-Ups Strategically

Boosters and power-ups can provide immense help in difficult levels. The color bomb, mentioned earlier, can be combined with striped candies or wrapped candies to remove a significant number of cherries from the board. Additionally, the coconut wheel can be a useful tool to make cherries move to a desired location on the board. Remember, boosters and power-ups should be used strategically and at the right moment to maximize their effectiveness. Save them for when you truly need them, such as when you have limited moves left or if you’re struggling to clear cherries towards the end of a level.

4. Plan Your Moves Carefully

One of the key strategies in Candy Crush is planning your moves carefully. Take your time to analyze the board and evaluate potential matches that will aid you in getting rid of cherries. Look for opportunities to create special candies or trigger cascading effects that can clear multiple cherries at once. Avoid making hasty moves that might not contribute to your ultimate goal. Remember, a well-thought-out plan often leads to success in Candy Crush.

5. Learn from Other Players and Watch Tutorials

Don’t be afraid to seek help from other players or watch tutorials online. Numerous communities and forums are dedicated to discussing Candy Crush strategies, and you can find valuable advice from experienced players who have successfully conquered cherry-filled levels. Watching tutorials created by seasoned players can also provide visual guidance on how to approach challenging levels and deal with cherries effectively. By learning from others, you can gain new insights and improve your own candy-crushing skills.

Now armed with these helpful strategies, you’re ready to take on those stubborn cherries in Candy Crush! Remember, patience, planning, and strategic thinking are key to overcoming these challenging obstacles. Don’t let those pesky cherries ruin your sweet adventure. Crush them all and savor your victories in this delightful game!

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