How To Get Gems In Cooking Fever


Are you an avid fan of the mobile game Cooking Fever? Do you find yourself in constant need of gems to unlock new restaurants and upgrades? Look no further, as we have gathered some effective tips and tricks to help you acquire gems in Cooking Fever. So, let’s dive in and discover how to get gems in this addictive culinary adventure!

Complete Daily Challenges and City Levels

The first step to amassing gems in Cooking Fever is by diligently completing daily challenges and city levels. Each day, the game presents you with three new challenges that offer a considerable number of gems upon completion. Make sure to take advantage of these challenges, as they often require you to cook specific dishes or serve a certain number of customers. By successfully completing these daily challenges, you can steadily increase your gem balance.

Furthermore, advancing through the city levels will also reward you with gems. As you progress in the game, new restaurants and dining locations become available. Successfully managing each restaurant and reaching higher levels will grant you gems as a token of your accomplishment. So, don’t forget to expand your culinary empire to earn more gems!

Invest Wisely in Upgrades

Managing your gems effectively is essential if you aim to build an impressive restaurant empire in Cooking Fever. Instead of splurging your hard-earned gems on fancy decor or superficial upgrades, it is wiser to invest in those that directly impact your revenue. Upgrades such as increasing the cooking capacity, improving customer waiting times, or unlocking new recipes are of utmost importance.

By wisely spending your gems on these revenue-maximizing upgrades, you can significantly boost your earning potential. More satisfied customers mean more coins, which you can then reinvest in further upgrades or unlocking new restaurants even faster. Therefore, always prioritize investments that enhance your efficiency and profitability.

Utilize the Casino and Slot Machine Minigame

Cooking Fever incorporates a casino and slot machine minigame within the game itself, offering you a chance to win gems while having fun. By visiting the casino, you can play the slot machine with a certain number of coins. If Lady Luck is on your side, you might end up winning a substantial amount of gems in return. However, keep in mind that this method involves an element of luck, so don’t resort to it as your only means of obtaining gems.

Participate in the Hell’s Kitchen Challenges

One particularly challenging yet rewarding feature in Cooking Fever is the Hell’s Kitchen challenges. Available in certain restaurants, these challenges push your culinary skills to the limit, but they also offer handsome rewards – including gems. Participating in these intense challenges not only helps you test your cooking abilities but also allows you to accumulate gems for future use.

Connect with Facebook

To further bolster your gem collection, consider connecting your Cooking Fever account with your Facebook profile. By linking these accounts, you will receive a generous bonus of 15 gems. Additionally, this connection allows you to visit your friends’ restaurants and give them tips. In return, your friends can also visit your restaurant, bringing you additional coins and experience points – both of which are essential for progressing in the game.


In summary, getting gems in Cooking Fever is not an insurmountable task. By completing daily challenges, advancing through city levels, and investing wisely in upgrades, you can gradually accumulate a substantial amount of gems. Moreover, the casino and Hell’s Kitchen challenges offer exciting opportunities to acquire even more gems if luck is on your side. Remember to also connect your account with Facebook to enjoy the benefits of visiting and receiving tips from friends. With these tips in mind, you are now equipped to embark on your gem-collecting journey in Cooking Fever!

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