How To Get Free Prodigy Membership 2023


Are you an avid player of the popular educational game, Prodigy? Do you want to unlock all the premium features and benefits of a Prodigy membership without spending a dime? Well, you’re in luck! In this article, we will guide you on how to get a free Prodigy membership in 2023 and enjoy all the exclusive perks it has to offer. So, let’s dive right in!

The Benefits of a Prodigy Membership

Before we explore how to obtain a free Prodigy membership, let’s take a moment to understand why it’s worth pursuing. A Prodigy membership provides numerous advantages that can enhance your gameplay experience. Here are some of the benefits you can expect:

1. Unlock All Math Content: With a Prodigy membership, you gain access to all the math content in the game, including premium areas and exclusive quests. This gives you a wider range of challenges to sharpen your math skills.

2. Exclusive Outfits and Accessories: Express your style and uniqueness by dressing up your character with a wide array of exclusive outfits and accessories that are only available to members. Stand out among your friends and classmates!

3. Rare Pets and Mounts: Unlock rare pets and mounts that can accompany you on your journey throughout the Prodigy world. These creatures offer special abilities and make your gameplay more enjoyable.

4. Monthly In-Game Currency: You will receive a monthly influx of in-game currency, called “stars,” as a Prodigy member. Stars can be used to purchase various items, spells, and special features, enhancing your gameplay and progression.

Method 1: Become a Class Hero

One way to obtain a free Prodigy membership is by becoming a “Class Hero.” Prodigy offers a program where teachers can nominate their students to become Class Heroes based on their exceptional class participation and academic performance.

If you are nominated as a Class Hero by your teacher, you will be rewarded with a free Prodigy membership for a specified period. This is a fantastic opportunity to seize, as it not only grants you access to premium features but also recognizes your outstanding efforts in the classroom.

Method 2: Participate in Promotional Giveaways

Prodigy occasionally conducts promotional giveaways, both on their official website and through their social media channels. Keep an eye out for these giveaways and seize the opportunity to participate.

To enter these giveaways, you may be required to complete certain tasks, such as following Prodigy’s social media accounts, sharing their posts, or signing up for their newsletter. These tasks are usually straightforward and quick to complete.

By participating in these promotional giveaways, you stand a chance to win a free Prodigy membership. Stay engaged with Prodigy’s official announcements and keep your fingers crossed – you may be one of the lucky winners!

Method 3: Utilize Free Trial Offers

Another way to enjoy the benefits of a Prodigy membership for free is by taking advantage of their free trial offers. Prodigy occasionally offers a limited-time free trial period during which non-members can access all the premium features.

Keep an eye out for Prodigy’s free trial promotions, usually featured on their website. During the trial period, you can explore all the Prodigy membership features without spending a dime. Enjoy the perks, improve your math skills, and who knows, you might even decide to continue the membership after the trial ends.


As you can see, obtaining a free Prodigy membership in 2023 is indeed possible. Becoming a Class Hero, participating in promotional giveaways, and utilizing free trial offers are all effective methods to unlock the premium features and benefits this educational game has to offer without spending your hard-earned money.

Remember to stay engaged with Prodigy’s official channels, such as their website and social media accounts, to stay informed about any upcoming opportunities. With a free Prodigy membership, you can enhance your math skills, stand out among your peers, and have a more enjoyable gaming experience. Good luck and enjoy your Prodigy adventures!

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