How To Get Free Gems On Cooking Fever


Cooking Fever is a popular mobile game that has captured the hearts of food enthusiasts around the world. In this addictive game, players can become virtual chefs and create delicious dishes in various restaurants. Gems are an essential currency in Cooking Fever, used to unlock upgrades, purchase new kitchen appliances, and progress through the game. In this article, we will explore some effective methods to get free gems on Cooking Fever.

1. Complete Daily Tasks

Cooking Fever offers players a set of daily tasks to complete. These tasks range from serving a certain number of customers in a specific restaurant to preparing specific dishes. By fulfilling these tasks, players can earn gems as rewards. Make it a habit to check the daily tasks regularly and strive to complete them, as it is an excellent way to accumulate gems without spending any money.

2. Level Up

As you progress in Cooking Fever and successfully complete levels, you earn experience points (XP). Accumulating XP helps you level up in the game, unlocking new restaurants, dishes, and other features. Additionally, each time you level up, you are rewarded with some free gems. Therefore, focus on progressing through the levels to gain more gems as rewards.

3. Participate in Challenges

Cooking Fever frequently runs special events and challenges that reward players with gems upon completion. Challenges could include cooking a specific dish within a time limit or obtaining a certain number of coins. These events are time-limited, so keep an eye out for them and participate actively to increase your chances of earning free gems.

4. Achieve Three Stars

In each restaurant of Cooking Fever, there are multiple levels to complete. To earn maximum rewards, aim to achieve three stars in every level. By performing exceptionally well and satisfying all customers quickly, you can earn gems as well as experience points. Pay attention to the individual requirements of each level and always strive to meet or exceed them to maximize your gem rewards.

5. Connect with Facebook

Cooking Fever allows players to connect with their Facebook accounts. By linking your game to Facebook, you can receive a bonus in the form of free gems. Furthermore, you can compete with your Facebook friends, compare high scores, and even request and send gifts. Take advantage of this feature to earn some extra gems and engage with your friends within the game.

6. Watch Video Advertisements

Another way to obtain free gems in Cooking Fever is by watching video advertisements. The game offers players the option to watch short video ads in exchange for gems. While this method might require some time and patience, it can be an effective way to accumulate gems without spending any real money. Take advantage of these opportunities whenever they appear to boost your gem reserves.

7. Use Time-Lapse Cheat

Please note that using cheats and hacks is not recommended, as it goes against the fair play guidelines. However, some players have utilized a time-lapse cheat to earn free gems in Cooking Fever. This cheat involves changing the time settings on your device to skip the waiting time usually required for cooking or food replenishment. By manipulating the time, players can speed up the game and earn gems. However, keep in mind that this practice is against the game’s terms of service, and utilizing cheats may result in penalties or even a ban from the game.


In conclusion, Cooking Fever is an entertaining game that offers players a chance to unleash their inner culinary skills. While gems in Cooking Fever are an essential currency, there are several legitimate methods to obtain them without spending real money. By completing daily tasks, leveling up, participating in challenges, achieving three stars in every level, connecting with Facebook, watching video advertisements, and occasionally utilizing game exploits, you can amass a considerable amount of free gems. Remember to enjoy the game responsibly and make the most of your cooking adventure!

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