How To Get Entrati Standing

How to Get Entrati Standing

Ever since the Entrati family arrived in the Cambion Drift, their reputation and services have become highly sought after by Tenno across the Origin System. The Entrati Standing is an essential currency that allows you to access exclusive rewards, acquire valuable items, and progress through their ranks. In this article, we will guide you through the steps to earn Entrati Standing and maximize your standing gains.

Complete the Cambion Drift Bounties

One of the most efficient ways to earn Entrati Standing is by completing the Cambion Drift Bounties. To begin, head to Necralisk, the hub in the Cambion Drift. There, you can find Mother, who will offer different bounties for you to undertake. These bounties range from simple tasks to more challenging missions, each rewarding you with Entrati Standing upon successful completion.

By successfully completing these bounties, you not only earn Entrati Standing but also gain access to unique Mods, blueprint components, and other valuable resources. Be sure to check the bounty board regularly, as the available bounties rotate over time.

Scanning and Conservations

Another way to earn Entrati Standing is through scanning local wildlife and engaging in Conversations within the Cambion Drift. As you explore the Drift, you will come across various creatures and unique flora. Equipping a Codex Scanner or a Synthesis Scanner allows you to scan these entities and gain valuable information. Each successful scan rewards you with additional Entrati Standing.

Additionally, you can interact with the members of the Entrati family through Conversations. Regularly talk to Mother, Grandmother, and Father to learn more about their backstory and the secrets of the Cambion Drift. These conversations can also reward you with Entrati Standing, while unlocking valuable lore and insights into the game’s narrative.

Resource Gathering and Token Exchange

Gathering resources and exchanging tokens is yet another way to earn Entrati Standing. Throughout the Cambion Drift, you will find resources unique to this area, such as Sporulate Pods and Nistlepods. By collecting these resources, you can exchange them with Father in Necralisk for Entrati Standing.

Additionally, Father also offers tokens in exchange for other resources, such as Infested Spore or fish parts. These tokens can then be turned in for Entrati Standing, giving you an alternative way to earn standing while utilizing extra resources you may have acquired during your travels.

Subsume and Rank Up

Finally, to maximize your Entrati Standing gains, it’s crucial to rank up within the Entrati syndicate. By increasing your standing with the Entrati family, you unlock access to new items, blueprints, and other rewards.

One way to increase your standing is through Subsuming. Subsuming allows you to sacrifice one Warframe and transfer its abilities to another Warframe. By using a specific Warframe’s ability on Deimos, you earn Entrati Standing. The amount of standing gained depends on the level and rarity of the ability being subsumed. This unique system not only enables you to experiment with different Warframe abilities but also rewards you with Entrati Standing in the process.


Earning Entrati Standing is a vital aspect of progressing within the Cambion Drift and accessing exclusive rewards. By completing Cambion Drift bounties, scanning wildlife, engaging in conversations, gathering resources, exchanging tokens, and ranking up through Subsuming, you will be well on your way to accumulating significant Entrati Standing. Remember to regularly visit the Cambion Drift and keep an eye out for new bounties and opportunities to increase your standing. Good luck, Tenno!

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