How To Check Lyca Number


Are you a current or potential Lyca mobile user searching for a convenient way to check your Lyca number? In today’s technologically advanced world, it is essential to know how to retrieve your mobile number quickly and easily. In this article, we will guide you through the process of checking your Lyca number using various methods, ensuring that you can access this crucial information effortlessly.

Method 1: Dial a USSD Code

The simplest and most widely used method to check your Lyca mobile number is by dialing a USSD code. Follow these easy steps:

1. Open the dialer or phone app on your mobile device.
2. Dial *132# and press the call button.
3. Wait a moment for the code to process.
4. Voila! Your Lyca mobile number will appear on your screen.

Remember to have sufficient network coverage to ensure the USSD code works smoothly. This method is compatible with most Lyca mobile network providers and is available around the clock.

Method 2: Use a Lyca Self-Care Portal

Lyca mobile understands the importance of providing its users with multiple options to access their mobile numbers. Apart from USSD codes, you can also use the Lyca self-care portal or app to retrieve your Lyca mobile number. Follow these steps:

1. Open your preferred web browser on your computer or mobile device.
2. Visit the official Lyca self-care portal.
3. Log in to your Lyca account. If you don’t have one, create a new account using your Lyca mobile number and other required details.
4. Once logged in, navigate to the account dashboard.
5. Within the dashboard, you will find your Lyca mobile number displayed prominently.

Using the self-care portal provides an additional advantage of accessing various account-related features, such as checking your balance, recharge options, and managing your Lyca mobile account.

Method 3: Contact Lyca Mobile Customer Support

If the above methods don’t work for you or if you encounter any difficulties, you can always reach out to Lyca mobile customer support for assistance. The dedicated customer support team is readily available to help you retrieve your Lyca mobile number. Here’s how to contact them:

1. Locate the Lyca mobile customer support number or email address.
2. Dial the provided customer support number from your Lyca mobile device or send an email detailing your issue.
3. Explain to the customer support representative that you need assistance in retrieving your Lyca mobile number.
4. Provide any necessary personal details or account-related information for verification purposes.
5. The customer support representative will guide you through the necessary steps to retrieve your Lyca mobile number.

Remember to remain patient and polite while interacting with customer support. They are there to assist you and resolve your concerns promptly.


In conclusion, having easy access to your Lyca mobile number is imperative in today’s connected world. Whether you’re a new Lyca mobile user or an existing one, knowing how to check your Lyca number is a valuable skill. By following the various methods outlined in this article, including using USSD codes, utilizing the Lyca self-care portal, or contacting customer support, you can conveniently retrieve your Lyca mobile number whenever needed.

Empower yourself with the knowledge of these methods and never worry about leaving your mobile number behind. Stay connected and enjoy the numerous benefits that Lyca mobile has to offer!

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