How To Breed Turquoise Dragon In Dragonvale

How To Breed Turquoise Dragon In Dragonvale

Dragonvale, the popular dragon breeding simulation game developed by Backflip Studios, offers a fantastic opportunity for players to immerse themselves in the world of mythical creatures. With over 500 different dragon species to collect and breed, Dragonvale provides an exciting experience filled with discovery and adventure. One particular dragon that captures the imagination of many players is the Turquoise Dragon. In this article, we will guide you on how to breed this captivating and rare dragon in Dragonvale.

Understanding the Turquoise Dragon

Before diving into the breeding process, let’s take a moment to understand the characteristics and traits of the Turquoise Dragon. This stunning dragon features a vibrant turquoise body with golden accents. Its wings are adorned with intricate patterns and its eyes shimmer with a piercing sapphire hue. The Turquoise Dragon possesses a friendly and curious demeanor, making it a wonderful addition to any dragon collection.

Breeding Combinations for the Turquoise Dragon

To breed a Turquoise Dragon, you need to combine specific dragon species and elements. The primary elements required to breed a Turquoise Dragon are the Air and Water elements. These elements can be found in various dragon species, which opens up multiple breeding possibilities. Listed below are some recommended breeding combinations that increase your chances of obtaining a Turquoise Dragon:

1. Air Dragon + Water Dragon
2. Seaweed Dragon + Rain Dragon
3. Air Dragon + Fog Dragon
4. Fog Dragon + Mud Dragon

Please note that the breeding process in Dragonvale is based on probabilities, and there is no guaranteed method to obtain a specific dragon. It may take several attempts to successfully breed a Turquoise Dragon using these combinations. Patience and perseverance are key!

Breeding Tips and Strategies

To improve your chances of breeding a Turquoise Dragon, you can implement a few strategies and tips:

1. Level up your breeding cave or island: Upgrading your breeding cave or island increases your odds of breeding rare dragons, including the Turquoise Dragon.

2. Utilize a “Breed Boost”: Dragonvale occasionally provides limited-time “Breed Boosts” that increase the chances of breeding certain dragons. Keep an eye on the in-game announcements and events for these opportunities to maximize your chances of breeding a Turquoise Dragon.

3. Cooperative Breeding: Joining a cooperative breeding group allows you to use the dragons of other players, potentially increasing your odds of breeding a Turquoise Dragon. Interacting with the community through forums or social media platforms dedicated to Dragonvale can help you find cooperative breeding partners.

4. Breed during specific times: Some dragons have higher breeding possibilities during certain timeframes. Keep an eye out for any time-limited breeding opportunities for the Turquoise Dragon.

Hatching and Caring for a Turquoise Dragon

Once you successfully breed a Turquoise Dragon, it’s time to welcome this majestic creature into your Dragonvale park. The hatching period for a Turquoise Dragon lasts approximately 18 hours. After hatching, you’ll need to provide it with a suitable habitat and food to ensure its growth and happiness.

The Turquoise Dragon’s preferred habitat is the Water Habitat. Make sure to place it in a spacious habitat that is exclusively designated for Water element dragons. This will help provide a comfortable environment for your Turquoise Dragon and boost its earnings.

Feeding your Turquoise Dragon with Dragon Treats will improve its earnings, allow it to level up, and unlock additional features such as the ability to participate in races and quests. Regularly check on your Turquoise Dragon, provide it with sufficient food, and watch it grow and thrive in your Dragonvale park.

Start Breeding the Turquoise Dragon Today!

Breeding the Turquoise Dragon in Dragonvale is a thrilling endeavor that requires patience, strategy, and a bit of luck. By understanding the breeding combinations, implementing breeding tips, and caring for your Turquoise Dragon, you’ll be on your way to adding this exquisite creature to your Dragonvale collection. Embark on this exciting journey and continue to explore the magical world of Dragonvale!

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