What is … the midcentury style?

One has to imagine: The Second World War was over, the leading designers and architects in Europe had emigrated to America, and the people wanted one thing above all - let it go well. In the 1950s and 60s, furniture, patterns and color trends that were life-affirming, tech-savvy and homely were created in this mixed situation. The modern with its functionalism and the claim to find universal forms, had not been forgotten, but now had a little fun, salt had to soup.

The German economic miracle flushed money into people's wallets and allowed them to live out their desire for new furniture and accessories. Designs lost their angularity, became softer, organic forms became the model - plastics made it possible. And playful as the time was, the everyday culture also gained influence on living concepts and furniture, through Hollywood films, pop music and the youth. It's probably the sensuality of the objects of yesteryear that still captivates us today. Find out what makes the mid-century style and how you can make it your own.

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